DSC Escort 5580TC PowerSeries: Telephone Interface & Automation Control Module, Turns Phone to Talking Keypad, Programmable Labels, Built-in X-10 Interface, Built-in Thermostat Support, Compatible with Control Panels

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DSC Escort 5580TC PowerSeries Telephone Interface & Automation Control Module



The Escort 5580TC Voice Assisted Security Control provides easy to understand audible information about the status of your security system, and makes operation simple by prompting the user through each operation. In addition, you can use the Escort 5580TC to control various Home Automation items. This new version of the Escort, designated “TC” for Thermostat Control, now also allows you to monitor and control the temperature of your premises with the help of an EMS-100 thermostat.


The Escort 5580TC allows any touch-tone telephone to act as a keypad for your security system. The telephone could be any telephone that is on the same line as your security system, or an outside telephone which may be used to call the security system. Some optional features described in this manual may not be available on your security system. You will not hear the voice prompts for any option that is not activated on your system.




  • Turns any touchtone phone into a talking keypad
  • Programmable labels: 6 words per label, 240+ word library
  • Built-in X-10 interface: supports up to 32 X-10 devices, 16 schedules, 8 modes
  • Built-in thermostat support
  • Compatible with PC1616, PC1832 and PC1864 control panels


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