DSC PC9155


DSC PC9155 Alexor: 2-Way Wireless Panel, 32 Wireless Zones, 16 Wireless Keys, Wireless Quick Enroll, Wall and Case Tamper, 2 Input/Output Terminals

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DSC PC9155 Alexor 2-Way Wireless Panel



The Alexor Wireless Panel is the center component of DSC’s 2-Way Wireless Security Suite. Because it operates completely wirelessly, installers have fewer holes to drill and fewer wires to pull. The system with its full complement of exclusively compatible wireless accessories, detectors and keypads takes far less time to install than traditional wired or hybrid systems. Less installation time means more installations completed throughout each day and ultimately more installation and monitoring revenue to the installer. Homeowners also benefit. Wireless installation means less waiting around and minimal compromise to the home structure.


Alexor is a wireless control panel, the virtual brain of the security suite. Because it is a distributed system, the panel is not attached to the keypad physically, but rather wirelessly. Designed for flexible, secure installation locations within the home, as long as there is access to AC power, Alexor operates via up to four wire-free keypads (the WT5500). If the system changes its armed state or a wireless device is tampered with, Alexor will immediately be signaled and the appropriate transmission will instantly be transmitted to the monitoring station. And because the signals between Alexor Wireless Panel and its wireless peripherals are fully encrypted, communication between all devices is exceptionally secure. The Alexor offers all the reliability of traditional wired/hybrid control panels but with all the convenience that wireless delivers.




  • 32 wireless zones, 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot)
  • Wireless quick enroll
  • Template programming
  • 16 user codes, 1 master code and 1 maintenance code
  • Account code error checking (patent pending)
  • Alternate communications via GSM/GPRS and IP
  • Onboard siren at 85dB
  • 2 Input/Output terminals
  • 200mA Aux Output
  • 500 event buffer
  • Wall and case tamper
  • 24Hr Battery backup


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