Platinum Tools 16213C

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Professional Clamshell Compression Tool, Adjustable Crimp Stroke, Guide Rule, High-Carbon Steel Frame, Gentle Molded Handle

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Installers be Nimble! Installers be Quick!


The 16213C is a clamshell compression tool from Platinum Tools especially designed to aid professional installers. This compression tool gives you accuracy and simplifies your work.


Armed with a with a high-carbon steel frame for endurance and a molded handle to give you comfort, the 16213C is both strong and gentle.


Smoothly strip away a wide range of coax cables, featuring a double-ended coax stripper; this compression tool can facilitate your work. The 16213C also includes a revolving head to allow you to swiftly interchange from RG6Q to RG11/7 coax cables. The 16213C is a vital piece of equipment for installers covering a large-range of CATV and CCTV surveillance systems.




  • Adjustable Crimp Stroke
  • Guide Rule
  • High-Carbon Steel Frame
  • RG6Q/6 to RG11/7 Adjustable



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