Platinum Tools AIOMPCT-12503C

Platinum Tools

All-in-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool, Three Crimp Cavities, Ratchet Mechanism, Cable Cutter, All Steel Frame

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Platinum Tools AIOMPCT-12503C

Cut, strip and terminate telephone and data cables with one sturdy CCTV installation tool.


Easily Replace a Variety of Modular Plugs

The All-in-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool can strip either round or flat cables. With three crimp cavities, it can terminate Ethernet cables (8 pin/RJ45), phone cables (6 pin/RJ11 & RJ12) and phone headset cables (4 pin/RJ22). The internal ratchet mechanism makes it easy to attach a plug to a cable with a quick squeeze.

Made to Last

It’s built solid with a durable steel frame and PVC handles. The black oxide finish deters rust and has replaceable cutter blades.


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