Port Forwarding SMC Comcast Business Gateway Router

The Comcast Business Gateway Router is a wonderful little router and is extremely user friendly. This router has one of the least steps and sub-steps needed when it comes to opening ports. This is incredibly useful for technical support because it means you can teach your client on how to perform proper port forwarding for their gateway. The default gateway IP Address for this router is

Port forwarding acts as a messenger and guard for your internal and external connection. Opening ports for your Digital Video Recorder is necessary and is the first step in order for you to achieve remote access for your surveillance system.

When you open ports, you perform a set of rules for your router’s gateway, telling it which data to let in and out through a set of ports associated to a specific IP address.

Here is how to do it:

  • Open any browser, both on Windows OS or Mac OS.
  • In the address bar, type the default gateway.
  • Type default username: cusadmin and password: highspeed
  • Click Firewall on the left panel.
  • Port Configuration, second from the top.
  • Click add new to add new application name.
    1. Application Name
    2. Port Range for both private and public. Ex: Starting to ending public port: 80-80 and public starting to ending port: 80-80. Normally this router automatically auto fills the ending ports for you, matching whatever you enter the starting port. If you have multiple DVRs and NVRs, make sure to use the correct port information.
    3. Protocol: Select Both from the drop down menu.
    4. Type the IP address in the IP Address field.
      1. Make sure to use the correct IP address of your device. This is important when you have multiple devices. Since each port can only be used once, it is important not use the same port for two different IP addresses.
    5. Click Add.
  • Repeat step 6 for additional ports. Usually DVRs have many ports that need opening. Make sure each application name you have added is enabled.
  • Press Apply to save the settings.

Final step, go to canyouseeme.org. Check all your ports and make sure they all return with an Open message.

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