POS Transaction Tracking Solution

What is the Problem?

Employee theft makes up about 75% of all shrinkage in the restaurant sector. Many times, employee theft does not occur through stealing items, but through manipulating the POS to pocket cash. Common methods by employees include:

  • Not inputting transactions
  • Giving out freebies or employee discounts to family & friends
  • Charging an item for less than the actual cost
  • Issuing fake refunds
  • Voiding legitimate transactions

However, employees are not the only ones committing theft. Customers can also create shrinkage for retail stores by:

  • Not scanning items to avoid payment
  • Switching barcodes on items to pay less

Proposed Solution

POS With Video Overlay

Using these special devices, you can link POS systems with video surveillance. Doing this enables you to synchronize POS transactions with the corresponding video recording for better and more accurate tracking.


Accurate Tracking

System accurately tracks all POS transactions to provide more information and details to aid in audits and investigations.

Reduces Shrinkage

Tracking transactions and having the recorded video evidence prevents any POS manipulations and reduces shrinkage from theft.

Transaction Search

Users are able to search through video and POS transactions with date, time, or keywords to monitor for any suspicious activity.

Video Integration

Tracking system can be integrated with video surveillance systems to provide the recorded footage from the time of that particular transaction.

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