Post Sandy Hook School Security, What the Experts Are Saying 6

2MCCTV is excited to share with you our recently published report at Campus Safety Magazine.   We had 15 expert school safety and security consultants chime in on Post-Sandy Hook School Security – What schools/faculty/children/parents should be focusing on and the overall state of school security in the U.S.

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  1. Security in schools will have to certainly look at complying with tighter security mandates. It’s a case of the public trading in their freedom for securities. Metal detectors, and many cameras will help big brother to keep families safe when operating in public environments.

    Thank you for the free to download risk assessments provided in the links above.

    Stefan Razella
  2. It is interesting that in the survey, 20% of parents said that they think they should inquire about the school’s security system. A larger presence of security cameras would deter crime on school campuses, so parents should concentrate more on the security systems in place to keep their kids safe.

  3. definitely agree all school must improve tighter security policies in each school

  4. I think as much as we should be increasing security on schools we don’t want it to be so heavy that kids feel like they are going to prisons.

  5. CCTV camera upgrades and additional CCTV cameras installed around schools is happening across Europe at a fast rate.

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