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What is it?

PoE stands for power over ethernet. This new technology makes it possible for one cable to carry power as well as the network. This solves the problem of cables getting tangled. Network systems can use PoE (power over ethernet) with a single ethernet cable to connect cameras and recorders. This cable gives power to the cable while transmitting video at the same time. A single run of ethernet cable can provide power and video transmissions up to 300 feet. If you need more distance, a PoE switch can be used. With the help of a router, a PoE switch will minimize the wiring and extend the reach of the security installation.

A PoE switch is also used to expand your network system to a maximum number of supported cameras. A PoE switch is a device that can contain multiple ethernet ports that can provide power and network communications to IP cameras. The switch allows you to expand the reach while also simplifying the installation of an NVR security system. Cameras will plug into the switch, and (with help from an ordinary router), just a single cable is needed to connect the rest of your system.

You connect your PoE switch and NVR to the router on your network. The router will assign addresses to your IP cameras to make sure that any cameras connected to the LAN will be detected by the NVR. You connect the PoE switch to your router by using the ethernet cable (up to 300 feet). Then connect the IP cameras to the PoE switch. This allows minimal cabling for large installations.


PoE security systems will save you money and time during installation. PoE requires fewer cables, and the expense and time of installation are less compared to most other systems. Most of the time, an electrician is not necessary to do the fixing. Click the ethernet cable into your NVR and the IP camera, and you are connected. A PoE system uses one cable to power the camera and transmit video. This simplifies installation and helps keep the costs low.

Also, PoE cameras can afford you more installation options, without having to run power or pay for expensive electric work. Another positive is the flexibility of the system. Since they may not be attached to a fixed security outlet, they can be repositioned or moved whenever needed. PoE switches are also reliable because of the power coming from various wall adapters stationed at different places. PoE relies on a central source that is universal and compatible. Since there are a network and power both available, the distribution, as well as installation, is effective and simple.


The most important part of installing this system is succeeding in the process. Prior to setting up your cameras, create a plan. Make sure you know where all your cameras will be connected to the monitoring locations. It is important to think through your needs and other aspects such as flexibility. Having a router that already has a PoE port is the simplest way of having a PoE camera system. Then all you have to do is directly connect the camera to the router. The camera will be a simple plug and play system. Even though it is simple, the main limitation is that it can only work with one camera. If you need many cameras, there will be a need for a switch and NVR. If your router doesn’t have a PoE part than installation will be more difficult. You may require assistance from an electrician.

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