Panasonic PPRM30GB


Includes Tube Extender, Piece for Mounting Flexibility, Swings Back onto the Roof, for Easy Servicing, Access Plug Provides, Easy Wire Pulls From the Top of the Bracket

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The Panasonic PPRM30GB is a parapet mounting bracket for Panasonic's POD7C, POD8C, POD8CF, PPFD8C and WVCW864/CW864A dome cameras as well as pendant mount Ready-To-Go dome camera packages.It allows the camera to be mounted on either the inside or outside of a low wall surrounding a roof. When mounted on the outside of the parapet, the camera can still be swung back over the roof for servicing or adjustment purposes.For added versatility this mount includes an extension piece to allow the camera to be placed at a higher or lower elevation.This bracket also features an access plug to allow cable adjustment from the top without having to remove the camera



PPRM30GB Parapet Mounting Bracket with Extender Features:


  • Mounts on either side of a rooftop parapet
  • 1.5" NPT Pipe thread for quick and easy camera mounting
  • Swings back onto the roof for easy servicing
  • Includes tube extender piece for mounting flexibility
  • Access plug provides easy wire pulls from the top of the bracket
  • Beige powder coat finish for outdoor protection


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