Panasonic PRC201C


Unit is Fully Adjustable, for 360 Degree Positioning, Metal Back Box Dust Cover Included

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The PRC-201C housing is designed for use in suspended or sheet rock ceiling applications. Units are sized for use with a solid state 1/2" or 1/3" camera and lens combination. Housings are manufactured from 94HB flame rated plastic, with viewing windows manufactured from high impact optically clear acrylic. The PRC-201C is fully adjustable for 360 degree positioning. Units includes 26-gauge galvanized steel metal cover.



PRC201C Indooor Recessed Ceiling Housing for Camera Features:


  • Housing is manufactured from high impact beige ABS, with an optically clear acrylic viewing window
  • Unit is fully adjustable for 360° positioning
  • Metal back box dust cover included
  • Designed for use in 24" x 24" (610 x 610mm) suspended ceiling applications
  • Sized for use with Panasonic’s standard body camera and lens combinations
  • Includes 26-gauge galvanized steel metal cover


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