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The end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) is coming soon, on November 1st to be exact. Usually people just adjust the time on their clocks, but most people don’t even do that anymore. With the advance of technology, most phones and clocks automatically update without people even remembering about the day. But what most people don’t know is that Daylight Saving Time is an important event for security systems. Make sure your security system is prepared with these tips.

Change Time On Security Systems

On Sunday, November 1st, be sure to turn back the time on your security system by one hour at 2am, so the new time will be 1am. This one seems obvious, but it is still an important step that you don’t want to forget about. Having the correct time on security cameras is important for playing footage back so you won’t be confused about time. It is also important to have in case a robbery or other crime occurs and you need evidence. In court, having the wrong time could make your recorded footage inadmissible. If a crime were to happen on your property, you would want to have any type of accurate evidence as possible.

Use Night Vision Cameras

After Daylight Saving Time, we “fall back” one hour so that it gets brighter earlier and darker earlier. According to a study, this causes a 7% increase in robberies overall. It also causes a 27% increase in robberies during that hour that used to be light and is now dark. There hasn’t been an increase in crimes committed indoors so it is possible that robberies occur because it’s darker and harder to see. Due to this, it is recommended to use night vision cameras outside of the house. If there’s an increase in robberies happening at night, you would want to be able to see and capture footage in the dark.

Check State of Security Systems

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends people to change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms during DST. This day is also a good opportunity to check up on your security system. Some security cameras are equipped with internal backup batteries so that they can keep recording even during power outages. Take this day to check up on those backup batteries and replace them as needed so that you’re prepared for any event. Also change out your SD cards if necessary so that there’s enough storage available to hold your recordings.

With these easy steps, your security system will be prepared for the end of Daylight Saving Time. This day can be be confusing due to the time change, but having a proper and accurate security system can give your mind some ease. Enjoy that extra hour of sleep, knowing that your security system is prepared for anything.

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