2MCCTV carries 4 channel DVRs (foe entry-level security applications) all the way up to 32 channel (for large-scale enterprise level applications). Security DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are video recording devices that are equipped with their own video capture cards to record video footage onto another digital medium such as a hard disk drive, USB drive, or DVD disk. DVRs allow you to view, playback, and record footage taken by cameras that are connected.

Our 16 Channel DVR security systems is one of our most popular systems, it allows for more storage options and more advanced features while making it simple to use. These CCTV DVR security systems are perfect for retailers, warehouses, shopping malls, smaller schools, or possibly even large homes. Most of our models offer real-time recording, mobile surveillance support, support built-in DDNS, up to D1 (4CIF) resolution, and H.264 video compression to save storage space.

Before choosing an expensive DVR unit for your surveillance system, you should give one of our knowledgeable staff a call so that you can feel confident in your decision for a 16 channel DVR recorder. Give 2MCCTV a call now! 1-877-926-2288 or feel free to get a free quote for your DVR system.

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