Many industrial locations require explosion-proof rated security cameras and housings. Customary housings have electrically charged parts that do not have the capacity to withstand the dangerous gases, chemicals, or vapors that are present in these areas. Electrical equipment with low or high voltage must be specially crafted and tested to guarantee that it does not trigger explosions or cause fires.

2M’s custom-made explosion-proof CCTV housings offer impeccable video surveillance solutions for chemical, oil, and gas industries. The PTZ units are specifically designed and guaranteed to meet the necessary explosion-proof requirements of the IIC gas group in case of gas and flammable dust. The equipment is very sturdy and easy to maintain for use in extreme environmental conditions. This technology is also customizable and can be tailored for any surveillance system. At 2M Solutions, we offer security design and installations for the equipment by our in-house engineers. All of our engineers are 100% certified and apply their experience from the industry to testing and validating the performance of the products to assure the absolute safety of the systems and components.

These explosion-proof enclosures are made rugged to withstand corrosive outdoor environments. The enclosures can be ordered in either 304 or 316L stainless steel depending on how extreme the environment is. We manufacture our products to be Flameproof (EExd & Exd) and to meet the highest of protection standards.

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