Thermal cameras have been in use for the past 50 years. Because of the current coronavirus outbreak, thermal cameras have become one of the most popular Google search terms. In the past years, thermal cameras had limited use mainly for industrial and mainly military applications. However, because of the thermal camera’s capability to detect heat emitted by objects from a distance within the camera view, they are able to accurately measure temperature with up to 0.3 degrees Celsius error rate. Thermal camera kits are a newer technology that are becoming increasingly popular.


Between 980 and 1037 A.D. a Muslim Persian scholar by name of Ibn Sina (Abu Ali Al-Hussein Ibn Sina) suspected that diseases are microorganisms. Microorganisms are spread from human to human through direct contact or air born. He came up with the method of isolating people for 40 days before they get better and leave their isolation.  That Isolation has helped eliminate the spread of the viruses and diseases during the black plaque at that time. Traders from Venice heard of the isolation method and brought it back to Italy. They named the isolation (Quarantena: means 40 in Italian), which is the root word of quarantine.

New Technology

With new technology (Thermal Cameras) that didn’t exist 1,200 years ago, thermal cameras can detect high fevers at further distances eliminating cross-contamination to nurses and doctors.

2MCCTV bundled together thermal camera kits to help against the fight of the coronavirus. The bundles are inclusive to providing a solution to everyone to go back to work ASAP. Thermal cameras detect high fever for employees, guests, customers or patients. This technology should be able to drastically reduce the spread of the virus by isolating people with a fever.

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