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2M Technology 2MVIP-4KIR30Z-P 4K WDR Dome IP Camera

(129 customer reviews)
2M Technology

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Durability: Vandal Resistant

Lens Type: Motorized

WDR: 120dB Optical WDR

IP Rating: IP67

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The 2MCCTV 4K Dome IP Camera is a smart, serviceable surveillance camera with many integrated features. The device is a 8 megapixel resolution recording camera with motorized varifocal lenses. In addition, the motion detection tracking feature gives the camera the ability to pick up the slightest movement. Lastly, the product is vandal resistant and includes 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction).

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Diam.148 x 111.3 mm (Ø 5.8" x 4.4")



Based on 129 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. Tyrone pitts

    Great to have

    Tyrone pitts

  2. Karl

    Great for the price


  3. Mike

    It works Great…


  4. Fabiana Vilar

    Very good

    Fabiana Vilar

  5. Raymond

    Great to have but doesnt come with the SD card


  6. CharP

    Easy to Use


  7. sami mosa algasimy


    sami mosa algasimy

  8. g

    i love it!!!


  9. Felipe Foglino

    Muy buen producto

    Felipe Foglino

  10. ramesh nori

    Amazing product! Best monitoring camera.

    ramesh nori

  11. Gemini

    I use it to take care of my house and family; easy to connect


  12. julie durgin


    julie durgin

  13. Tom

    Every good ,


  14. 2M Customer

    easy to set up and use

    2M Customer

  15. bg

    Over good for the price



    Easy setup


  17. G rop


    G rop

  18. 2M Customer

    Cant go wrong

    2M Customer

  19. bernard kamber jr.

    Good camera

    bernard kamber jr.

  20. Sally G.

    Like the camera, it is really cool but your constant emails are very unwanted

    Sally G.

  21. akao

    I like it!


  22. megan

    I love it


  23. Monique Rhodes

    so far works great, clear image, no problems with connectivity.

    Monique Rhodes

  24. Jessica D

    Only wish I could mute but otherwise perfect!

    Jessica D

  25. Melvin

    This camera working pretty good. Love it


  26. Jonathan Guijon

    No glitches yet. Super convenient

    Jonathan Guijon

  27. Debbie C.

    Its easy to set up and download the apps! I will recommend my friends to buy it!

    Debbie C.

  28. Jackie Hu

    very clear

    Jackie Hu

  29. Fabian Ardila

    Very easy to configure. Record everything in the SD memory and you can view it from the phone by 4G.

    Fabian Ardila

  30. John M.

    The. security camera let’s you see any and all activities.

    John M.

  31. Evan

    This thing is amazing it follows motion it is 360 it has everything I need


  32. Kay Ward

    This security camera is Great !!!t. My son ordered one after I showed him my security camera”s functions…I highly recommend this security camera….a lot of bang for your money!!!

    Kay Ward

  33. 2M Customer

    Just what I expected!!! Good product and worth of the investment!!!

    2M Customer

  34. Moviegirl101

    it’s great besides the limited vertical range..


  35. Eduardo

    Easy to install. Great product. Highly recommended.


  36. michael

    Quality product,does everything you want in a security camera…Had it for three months with no problems what so ever.


  37. 2M Customer

    Ordering was simple, shipment arrived well in advance of the scheduled date and all works well.

    2M Customer

  38. 2M Customer

    Pretty cool! Can see my wife with baby and watch the cats do weird stuff while gone. Love it!

    2M Customer

  39. Tracy

    Great resolution. Love the panning ability. I will be buying more of these.


  40. Cindi

    Bought 2 cameras for my parents home 20 months ago. Pleased with it and bought another for my own home. Clear and easy to use.


  41. P. Butler

    Very nice picture and the pan and tilt feature is great!

    P. Butler

  42. 2M Customer

    like it

    2M Customer

  43. Mark M.

    What a great little camera. Really easy setup & Install (mounting to the ceiling). Bought this to put in the garage to be certain garage door is closed.

    Mark M.

  44. Jeff

    I have two of these little guys and just purchased a third. I use them at a remote rural property where my internet is via HughesNet dish satellite service. Another popular brand of camera failed to work with this type of setup. You can pan remotely to see 360 degrees. Motion detection is good – birds, insects and small animals can trigger an alert, but changes in sunlight and shadow are tolerated well. The video quality is not outstanding, but for my purposes it’s more than enough, I can record a break-in, capture trespassing, see damage and see if it is raining or snowing, Well worth the low cost for a little peace of mind.


  45. Ray

    Easy to install


  46. Darrell Love

    So far, so good, I am still learning what all I can do as far as settings

    Darrell Love

  47. Jack OQuinn

    Very satisfied so far with the cameras. I would recommend these to anyone looking for cameras.Good quality and loaded with features.

    Jack OQuinn

  48. 2M Customer

    Personal, inexpensive, easy to use, clear crisp video! I’m loving my new cam.

    2M Customer

  49. Michele Skelton

    Great product.

    Michele Skelton

  50. Sammmy

    Very useful, works perfectly fine… product is amazing


  51. Carr53

    Great product


  52. curt Tolle

    This thing is pretty cool. It takes some tinkering with the cam setto figure it out, but google helped with that.

    curt Tolle

  53. Glenn Davis

    I have 2 cams.. the 2M works better than another brand. A few more features. The joystick makes it easier than the other. Worth it.

    Glenn Davis

  54. Pen Name

    So far so good. Can’t beat this for the price.functions great. Easy to view from phone app.

    Pen Name

  55. 2M Customer

    Ez to set up great picture.

    2M Customer

  56. Amanda McCracken

    Such a great product, especially for the price! Very easy to use, very clear picture. I was very impressed!

    Amanda McCracken

  57. Ronald J Giannone

    Pretty impressive, especially for the very economical price.

    Ronald J Giannone

  58. 2M Customer

    Easy to use and excellent image quality. Thumbs up!

    2M Customer

  59. 2M Customer

    I like it

    2M Customer

  60. 2M Customer

    Great security camera for the price, it’s great.

    2M Customer

  61. Isaac Spry

    I love it !!!! It was extremely easy to set up and it works like a charm.

    Isaac Spry

  62. William S.

    Works as advertised. Very sharp picture.

    William S.

  63. beau’ james

    so far so good

    beau’ james

  64. JBB609

    I Love these cameras from 2M. . Way more clear and otherwise the syatem and harware are great!! I have all my cameras mounted outside under the gutters and porch and so far so good. I have bought quite of afew of these cameras and my house is secure and makes me happy that I am able to see whats going on out side my home when I am not home. the system is nice for even when I am home as I get alerts on my phone. Thanks 2M **This review was not bought or paid for by 2M. I bought the products I am reviewing with my own money, for a unbiased and REAL review. ** Thanks JBB


  65. David Houlette

    Easy to set up, nice intuitive application for your phone. Price is right too.

    David Houlette

  66. Alden Carballo

    Good camera awsome image quality great price and fast delivery

    Alden Carballo

  67. Barbara Seredich

    I love it. My nail tech told me about it and finally got it. But I did have a question… I just got one camera, can you have 2 phones hooked up to it?

    Barbara Seredich

  68. Cristobal Sanchez

    I highly enjoy it use it as a security system its very nice the cameras are a bit noticable but besides that they are ok

    Cristobal Sanchez

  69. Brittany Thurman

    This camera is awesome!

    Brittany Thurman

  70. Jennifer

    Absolutely awesome! Helps to watch the kids!!!


  71. Al

    Delivered quickly through 2M Prime. Easy and quick setup. Picture quality is great. is pretty basic but easy to use.


  72. Diana B.

    My cameras have very clear pictures, they also tilt and pan, and give me activity alerts. I’m very pleased with my cameras!

    Diana B.

  73. john cortez

    so far this is great deal and camera. we’ll see if continues. super easy set up. nice pics. happy so far ordered two more for family members

    john cortez

  74. 2M Customer

    Amazing and so easy to use!

    2M Customer

  75. bob addams

    Easy setup, and use. P.s. i love the auto motion tracking!

    bob addams

  76. Prime

    Love this camera. Works great and I use it all day long.


  77. keyur Patel

    Great Camera for the price, microphone maybe little too sensitive, but over all excellent.

    keyur Patel

  78. Denice b.

    These are the easiest cameras to install. Love them. Ordered another. Thank you for feeling more secure!

    Denice b.

  79. A Chan

    Great product. Need to buy your own SD card in order to view the motion notification clips.

    A Chan

  80. Gina Salitore

    A great camera. Easy to set up and a great picture. We have two so far and easy to view them both.

    Gina Salitore

  81. Phil

    This is a pretty great little camera for the price. Lots of features and works good so far.


  82. 2M Customer

    I totally recommend this product. Clear picture, great scanning feature. We bought the camera to keep track of our dog while he is in the house and it does the job perfectly!

    2M Customer

  83. Amela Ramulic

    Great!!! Easy to set up!! Easy to use!! Great way to keep up with what’s going on inside of my house!!

    Amela Ramulic

  84. Harvey Horowitz

    A very good product. A tad slow to get online each time but once you connect you get an amazing picture. And for the price it is a buy.

    Harvey Horowitz

  85. Samantha M Burdman

    Camera is super easy to use! Only took 10 minutes to set up, no problem. Picture is clear and cam setis easy to use. I am extremely happy with this purchase!

    Samantha M Burdman

  86. daddycool

    works as expected


  87. Kasey

    Awesome price! Awesome security camera!



    Cool little bugger..read instructions..will save you a lot of time


  89. 2M Customer

    I love this camera it has all the great features as stated. It sends me videos of any movement Wherever I Go from its location in my home very nice.

    2M Customer

  90. Jordan Tzu Shan Lee

    Everything as describe. Easy to setup. Thanks.

    Jordan Tzu Shan Lee

  91. josefina lizandro

    Very handy. Awesome product. I can check on my kids and pet anytime from my cellphone.The camera is very sharp and alerts me if ANY movement is detected. Works great, Love it!!

    josefina lizandro

  92. Bobbfrommn

    Easy setup. I really like this camera, would love an outdoor version!


  93. sloeguy

    It works great! I think I’ll get another one!


  94. Milo

    Works great set up was easy


  95. Dennis L

    I have few 2M Dome and 2M Home which are good cameras, reliable and exceeding my expectations. However 2M should have taken into the consideration of time zone difference for Activity Alerts. If one travel outside of the timezone of one’s cameras, any activity alerts received on the cam set(ie Android cam setin my case) are based on receiving time of the phone which is so wrong! There are other issue with time for live viewing in different time zone but I will leave it to the s/w engineers to figure out in 2M.

    Dennis L

  96. Sissa

    Greatest camera ever bought!!! It’s very clear and reliable.


  97. holly strobel

    Fast shipping. Very easy to set up. Only took me about five minutes and it was up and running. Would definitely recommend to other people.

    holly strobel

  98. jerry

    The cameras is dope


  99. jansinger

    great camera, except that it cannot be mounted to a wall as the image is sideways.


  100. West T.

    Really Like its usability so far! Curious how it still works in the upcoming months when used on daily basis. Very easy to set up though and access safely.

    West T.

  101. Nikmo

    Great for the price!!!


  102. Sherwin Asis

    This is the best security cam

    Sherwin Asis

  103. Regina

    best cameras ever …i can see an hear whats going on at my house from work…put them in a window an u can see outside very well


  104. 2M Customer

    Was easy to set up and the video quality is actually pretty good. I love how I can control this camera remotely and move it around.

    2M Customer

  105. Trevor Erp

    For the price this camera is awesome! Granted this is my first piece of surveillance equipment but it has many features and is very easy to setup.

    Trevor Erp

  106. Connell Williams

    Excellent device!! Clear images, great infrared lighting, and motion detector rotate immediately upon detection.

    Connell Williams

  107. firerescue6786

    Set up took like 5 minutes. Awesome picture quality and the microphone and speaker sound is great. The cam setis super easy to use. I’m going to buy a few more actually. I use it to watch over my room and dogs while I’m gone.


  108. Jeffery P.

    This was my first experience with a wifi camera. This is a fun and reliable little device. Fairly easy to set up and use. Only downside would lack of instruction, you kind of figure it out on your own but it is pretty intuitive.

    Jeffery P.

  109. Cathy Priore

    Very easy to install. Operates exactly as described. Up and running in less than 10 minutes. Very pleased.

    Cathy Priore

  110. D. Mark

    Pretty cool. Works well and easy to set up.

    D. Mark

  111. DalV

    Great camera, intuitive, simple to use. Although it would be nice if 2M will have detailed instructions link.


  112. Rebecca F Morgan

    Awesome, easy to connect and convenient

    Rebecca F Morgan

  113. Blaine Ehrman

    Best money I have spent in awhile, terrific security camera at an unbelievable price. What a well thought out product. Works best oriented upside down.

    Blaine Ehrman

  114. Jim

    great product for the price.


  115. D. Scott

    Bad things happen some times, so I found myself in need of eyes on the house while away. A friend had this brand and suggested it to me. I’m very pleased with the product after just one week. It set up very easily for me ( about 5 minutes). I like the cam setand the current features included. The motion alerts are very comforting and seems to know the difference between the cats and the humans. The motion alerts don’t just tell you there are people doing things it also includes a little clip. It has good night vision. Has high def and standard. It has a two way microphone-once things have settled down it will be fun to play with the cats a bit. 😉 It’s only been at week, but so far so good.

    D. Scott

  116. Andrea

    The functionality, simplicity, and value of this security camera are above all others. 2M has hit a homerun with this product.


  117. Phoenix PamW

    It works as stated. I used it to check up on our 2 dogs when we’re gong. I get the notification if there’s movement and I can watch the 10 sec. video to see what they’re doing. Love it.

    Phoenix PamW

  118. 2M Customer

    Just received our camera two days ago. Set up was very easy and we are happy with our purchase. I need to play with it more to learn its features.

    2M Customer

  119. 2M Customer

    I purchased this as a dome camera. It worked really well for the first few hours. I was able to access it remotely and adjust angles. Then, when night came, it stopped working. The cam setsaid the camera was disconnected. I had to reset and go thru the reconfiguration process to bring it back online. A couple of hours later, it failed again. The next morning, I went thru the reset and reconfiguration process again and it worked well for the day. Of course when night came it mysteriously disconnected again. After three nights of frustration, I emailed tech support requesting a replacement. Still waiting for their response. The unit has completely stopped working as it won’t connect to my wifi anymore. 1/5/2017 Update: Shortly after I wrote the review above, I was able to reconfigure the camera after leaving it powered off for a few hours. So I decided to give it another try. This time, because I was worried that the same issue would happen again, I didn’t bother putting it back onto the wall where it used to be. Instead, I put it at the corner of the crib with something underneath to support the camera. Surprisingly, the disconnecting problem never happened again! I am guessing that the disconnecting issue was caused by the camera being originally placed right above a lullaby mobile. Now that nothing is blocking its view, it has been working perfectly! Five stars!

    2M Customer

  120. Jack Huckin

    Very easy to setup! Works great!

    Jack Huckin

  121. Derrell S. Woods

    The only thing I don’t like is the instructions are fairly vague. Once I figured out how to pair it to my phone it was very nice and worked well.

    Derrell S. Woods

  122. Anjui

    The camera does what it should do. Satisfied


  123. Colleen

    Very happy with purchase. This is a quality product. Excellent picture day and night & Sets up quickly.


  124. Leeroy

    Awesome camera, wish I could set the record on movement to longer timeframe. Other than that I love it.


  125. Gennekin

    Does a nice job of monitoring our pets during the day. One nice thing is that the pan/tilt is relatively silent so that if they are sleeping it does not wake them. Very nice product!


  126. Family

    Had it for about a month, it is excellent and I won’t hesitate to buy another one.


  127. E Zabala

    Didn’t know what to expect, but I’m very happy with the video quality and audio features it has.

    E Zabala

  128. wilson

    I love it.very good picture. I would recommend it to everyone


  129. Mad Calabrian

    The camera has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I researched half a dozen other cameras and the 2M Dome Camera Pan / Tilt / Zoom was my ultimate choice. It took minutes to setup, the cameras housing is attractive and doesn’t look out of place in my living room. The night vision works well, the panning is silent, the android cam setis very easy to use. The 2 way radio is also a great feature and can be used as an intercom. I’m going to purchase several more from the same company. Next will be their HD fixed offering. Stop reading the reviews and purchase it. The price is so affordable you have nothing to lose.

    Mad Calabrian

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