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PTZ Controllers

The PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) function on a security camera is completely useless without the ability to control it. PTZ controllers or "joysticks" are used to control the operation of analog PTZ surveillance cameras as well as IP PTZ cameras.

The standard controller comes with a 3-axis joystick to easily turn the camera accordingly. A few controllers have buttons instead. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty solution, then note that some of our keyboards can operate up to 255 cameras, as well as matrix switchers and DVRs. This is ideal for enterprise level security solutions.

We also list a few accessories that go along PTZ controls below.

DEALERS: If you install security cameras on a regular basis, considering applying for our wholesale program.

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  1. Veilux SVK-64

    3-Axis Joystick Keyboard Controller
    • Controller for the remote control of CCTV Devices: Power
    • Pan/Tilt/ Zoom Lens
    • Controls up to maximum 255 CCTV receivers
    • Preset control: 64 Positions memory set for each camera
    • Can be connected with up to 8 sub-keyboards

    Model No : SVK-64

    Regular Price: $400.00

    Special Price $245.99

  2. 2M Technology 2MK-D1000

    • 2MK-N1000: RS485 & keyboard
    • Three Dimensional Joystick Control of PTZ Functions
    • Keyboard Communication Direct Mode
    • Auxiliary Functions
    • On-Screen Menu & User Operation Procedure Tips

    Model No : 2MK-D1000

    Regular Price: $400.00

    Special Price $200.00

  3. 2M Technology 2M-AK76 EZ Connect PTZ Controller

    • 3D Keyboard Joystick
    • RS485 Ports of communication
    • Supports Pelco D/P protocols
    • Baudrate: 2400/4800/9600/19200

    Model No : 2M-AK76

    Regular Price: $166.67

    Special Price $83.00

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3 Item(s)

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