Remote Area Surveillance Solution

What is the Problem?

Remote areas like farms, construction sites, coastal areas, etc. all require some sort of surveillance because these areas can be susceptible to things like:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft of equipment
  • Accidents or injuries that companies can be held liable for
  • Disputes about progress of construction projects

Even though remote areas need monitoring, installing a surveillance system is not always feasible in these places because they lack a reliable power source and cannot connect cables or wires.

Proposed Solution

Video Surveillance Solar Trailers

Remote areas are able to be monitored with trailers that are equipped with solar-powered security cameras. These trailers don't require any cabling or connection to a power outlet so they can be used anywhere.


Provides Surveillance

Solar trailers are able to be placed anywhere to provide surveillance and monitoring to remote areas.


The security cameras on the trailer are powered by solar energy and does not require an electrical power source.

Low Maintenance

Trailers do not require any complicated set-up or extensive installation. Just set the trailer in place and start recording.


Since the trailer is powered by solar energy, there will be no electricity bills or money spent on fuel generators.

Flexible & Mobile

The trailers don't require any cabling or an external power source so they can be used anywhere and move from site to site.

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