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When most people think about a surveillance system, they think about cameras placed in a business that are capturing a crime from a criminal stranger.  We can see a lone cashier in a convenience store being robbed by a masked gunman.  That is certainly a great use of cameras in a business, but it is not the only use. Internal theft represents a huge loss of money for business owners, more in fact than external theft.  I could write a blog just about that, but I want to write about loss of assets due to employee mismanagement. Not every loss in a business comes from some sinister plot to steal money or products. Sometimes simple mistakes or carelessness cause a company to lose money.

Keeping an Eye on Your Fleet

As a business owner or manager, you understand the importance of training and supervision. In today’s world it is harder and harder for a manager to take time away from other work to actually manage the employees.  A person cannot be everywhere all the time, but cameras can.  With recorded video, the manager can go back anytime to investigate accidents, to inspect work, or to evaluate customer service.

A CCTV system can be used to monitor an employee’s interaction with customers.  A camera combined with a microphone can record a conversation and help a manager train the employee the right way to speak to a customer, deal with an angry customer, or answer a customer’s question. Keep in mind, you probably want to inform your employees they’re being recorded.

Employee Management
Employee Management

It is an invaluable tool for maintaining the quality of customer service that is needed to keep customers.  If a salesperson is rude or even apathetic it can turn a customer off.  The customer may never complain to a manager, but may never come back.  With a recording system there, customer service issues can be addressed quicker and with more efficiency.  There will be no excuses or lies about behavior, because there will be undeniable proof.  The most important aspect of cameras and mics in the work place is the change in performance when people are being monitored.  When employees know that they are being monitored they will feel less free to goof around.

Your Private Investigator

Investigate Incidents
Investigate Incidents

I think every manager has been in a situation where they feel like a police detective.  When something is done wrong, trying to track down the employee responsible is like finding the Zodiac Killer.  Imagine you are walking around and find a cart of frozen food that should have been stocked but was left out and forgotten.  That is real money wasted; it is no different than stealing money from the register.  If multiple people work in that department they will point fingers at each other and it will take an interrogation to get to the bottom of it.  With security cameras, you can just review the footage and address the employee, saving time and headache.

Attendance and punctuality can also be monitored better.  When did an employee come in and leave?  Did they clock in on time or have a friend clock them in because they were late?  A manager of a retail store or other business cannot be there 24 hours a day but the cameras can. If the DVR has network capability then a manager can check the cameras to see what is going on from home or on a smartphone.  If Billy is supposed to open the store at 6am, a manager just needs to look in at the cameras to see if he is there, viewing the cameras quickly and in real time to manage a business remotely.

Better Protection

Better Protection for Insurance Claims
Better Protection for Insurance Claims

The world we live in is more litigious than ever before. Slips and falls or other injuries happen in businesses all the time.  Shockingly, the customers rarely take responsibility for their actions when they are injured in a business. If a business is liable, the CCTV camera footage will show you what really happened, whether it was the fault of the business or not, but if a scam is being pulled the cameras can help clear the business of wrongdoing. This goes for workers comp cases too.  If an employee is injured and the manager has video of the employee using a pallet jack as a scooter, then the business will be better protected.

A Big Investment

I talk to people every day who are looking to buy a CCTV System for their business.  Price always comes up and I don’t blame them.  Buying a CCTV system is a big investment, but it is an investment.  It is an insurance policy for their business, and when used right it is a great tool to manage a business more efficiently. The amount of money spent will come back in saved assets and increased production.

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  1. I agree with what you said that buying cctv is a big investment, since price always comes up. Anyway, thanks for this post! 🙂

    Jayden Kintore
  2. Investment in CCTV camera is too high but it give protect agonist shoplifters. If they don’t use it then put their shops in danger as theft easily get a chance.

    Thomas Smith
  3. Interesting post. It’s great to hear about the benefits of this form of security. Thanks!

  4. what is the night vision quality of these cctv cameras

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