Rosslare AY-L23


Rosslare AY-L23 Long Range RF Reader, Long range remote controls from 16 to 21 feet open range, Contains LED Control Wire to select the RED or Green LED Function, Best for situations where the reader is behind the wall

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Rosslare AY-L23 Long Range RF Reader



The LongArmTM AY-L23 E is a wireless receiver unit used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The input to the unit comes from long range remote controls, from 16 to 21 feet open range. Compatible with Rosslare’s “SA- 26 E”, “SA-27 E”, “SA-28 E” One, Two, Four Button remote controls, it is suitable for residential, commercial and institutional security and access control applications. It provides a long range reader solution for activating barriers or electronic gates from a distance that is unattainable by either a passive RFID card, or an active RFID Card and reader. The LongArm is also a reasonable solution for controlling multiple remote barriers and gates from a remote tower, or for security guards which manage barrier entry to car parks following security searches, etc. It works best for situations where the reader is behind the wall. AY-L23 E is powered by any commonly available access controller which is compatible with 26-Bit wiegand format, and has LED control, Back Tamper Optical, potted epoxy for all Weather application.




  • Modern attractive design with small footprint, designed with internal antenna to prevent tamper.
  • Microprocessor and SMT Designed electronics for higher quality, and superior performance.
  • Ultra Low Current Consumption with RF Sensitivity of -107 DBM
  • Contains LED Control Wire to select the RED or Green LED Function
  • Mounts directly onto a flat surface.
  • The receiver is to be used with control panels whose power supply is UL Listed Class 2 or equivalent.
  • 1 Bi-Color LED with control / Fully Potted / Rated IP65 / Optical Back Tamper 
  • Internal Buzzer Audio Verification of Good RF Read
  • Weigand-26-Bit Output Format


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