Rosslare AY-Q54


Rosslare AY-Q54 SLIM Metal Anti-Vandal / Metal Key – PIN Reader, Built-In Keypad for PIN code entry, Door Bell key feature, Two Tri-Colored LED’s

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Rosslare AY-Q54 SLIM Metal Anti-Vandal / Metal Key – PIN Reader

The AY-Q54 is designed to interface to host access control panels through Wiegand and Clock & Data protocols (Multi-Format).  It is highly robust and weather-resistant access control reader with PIN entry options. It also allows the unit to be interfaced to many types of controllers. It can be used for many applications like residential, commercial and Industrial use.  The Metal keys are convenient for high-traffic environments.


         Built-In Keypad for PIN code entry

         Programmable Keypad Transmission Format

         Door Bell key feature

         Built in Case and Back Tamper

         Tamper Output & LED Control Input

         Programmable Facility Code

         6-Wire Interface, 0.6 meters length 

         Two Tri-Colored LED’s

         Rated IP65

         Internal Buzzer provides audible interface feedback.

         Comes with mounting template for easier installation.

         Also Comes with Installation Kit that includes a security screw and a security screw tool.



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