Rosslare EX-16


Rosslare EX-16 Mullion Non-Sparking Tactile Switch, Advanced Soft Touch Piezoelectric Switch, Circuit assembly encapsulation, Light ring status indicator and accidental activation hindrance

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Rosslare EX-16 Mullion Non-Sparking Tactile Switch


Rosslare’s EX-16 is a high quality piezoelectric switch which is non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, and anti-vandal.  Designed in mind of industrial and high-risk environmental requirements, the EX-16 will adapt well in mines, oil rigs & refineries, military installations and more. The switch can be used in many hi-demanding applications, from heavy machinery and mechanical operation panels, to access control systems or direct door control. It features solid state Piezoelectric Switch Technology generating a dry contact N.O. and N.C relay pulse simply by the touch of a finger, with no physical movement or moving parts.  This feature makes it extremely reliable, resilient, and robust yet it is encased in an elegant mullion design within a modern case suitable for use by architects and designers. You can select brilliant red, vibrant green or no illumination as a status indicator with the jumper selectable illumination status feature. The EX-16 mounts directly to a standard US size gang switchbox and is crafted to the highest manufacturing standards out of the finest materials under Rosslare’s ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality standards.




         Advanced Soft Touch Piezoelectric Switch

         New weatherproof design water and dust proof, grease, oil and other chemical solvent repellent

         Circuit assembly encapsulation

         Vandal resistant

         Stainless steel mounting plate and tactile button with no moving parts

         Mullion-sized design

         Mounting Method Single Gang: Mounts directly to a US gang switchbox

         Operating Voltage range between 10 and 24 V

         Operating Temperature range: -40C to 63C


Professional Grade Features


         Non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant

         Light ring status indicator and accidental activation hindrance

         Adjustable Output and Led indication Time of 1 to 60 seconds

         Output and indication Toggle option

         Jumper Selectable Illumination Status: Red, Green, or No Illumination

         One Form C Relay with two 5 Ampere outputs for separate application wiring:  N.O. and N.C.


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