Rosslare SA-04

Wireless Panic Button, Long Lasting Lithium Battery, Water Proof Rugged Enclosure, Pendant Adapter, Stainless Flexible Metal Chain

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Rosslare SA-04 Wireless Panic Button



With Rosslare’s SA-04 Panic Button you can feel rest assured your loved one is safe. The SA-04 Panic Button is one of a powerful line of high performance wireless products, ideal for PANIC and emergency transmissions or automation uses. Encased in an ergonomically-designed shell, the SA-04 Panic Button is small and light weight for convenient transportation. The waterproof unit can be worn both around the neck with the pendant attachment and metal chain, or on the wrist with the watch and comfort strap attachment.


The SA-04 Panic Button was designed for ease of use and a constant option to create an alarm in the event of an emergency or medical situation. The miniature SA-04 Remote Control is a high-quality RF product packed with intelligent wireless system features and a modern design.


The SA-04-s many features include an internal optimized loop antenna, with a factory adjustable RF power to make the product meet international standards, and a battery life of up to five years. The SA-04 comes with a lithium 3-volt Lithium 250 mAh high power battery and is compatible with Rosslare Security products from the related Series (G-Series: 433.92 MHz, H-Series: 868.35 MHz.)




  • Up to five years long lasting high capacity Lithium battery
  • Small enough to fit into a pocket or purse comfortably
  • Multi-application unit can be used for PANIC, emergency or medical transmissions or for automation uses
  • Water proof and damage proof rugged enclosure
  • Wrist strap with comfort padded Velcro strap provides a smooth surface contact with reliable hold
  • Pendant adapter and stainless flexible metal chain, with latch for easy opening or closing
  • 16 million ID codes embedded ensuring that multiple units can be used within a single system installation
  • Special antenna construction for 50 to 100 m open space range, with selected panels
  • Adjustable RF power and frequency


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