Rosslare Security AC-Q44


Anti Vandal Construction, Built-in 125 kHz, Rfid Card Reader, 500 Users PIN, Credentials Granting Access, Smooth Attractive Design

Regular Price $ 197.39 incl.VATOn sale price $ 167.79 incl.VAT

This advanced anti-vandal, 500 user standalone controller features a unique combination of a highly robust metallic unit with a built-in proximity reader for PIN and RFID user credentials. AC-Q44 has a slim and rugged metal construction with no moving parts, ideal for high traffic and extremely harsh environments. This fully sealed model is epoxy filled, has advanced programming options and flexible operation modes.



AC-Q44 Anti-Vandal Piezoelectric PIN & PROX Standalone Controller Features:


  • Built-in 125 kHz RFID card reader
  • 500 users can have PIN and / or RFID credentials for granting access.
  • Smooth attractive design, with anti-vandal construction.
  • Highly-sensitive Piezo metal keys.
  • 3 operational Security Levels can be selected with special PIN codes.
  • Supports up to 8-digit PIN codes, with timed wrong code lockout after 3 wrong attempts.
  • 2 tri-colored LEDs and integral sounder for programming and operation.
  • Wide range of low voltage AC/DC power input.


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