Rosslare Security AYC-E55


Supports 4- to 8-Digit PIN, Credentials, Smooth Attractive Design, Large Highly Visible, Piezoelectric Keypad

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A unique ultra-slim profile, a smooth metallic surface and highly sensitive piezoelectric keys make this unit extremely attractive for all-weather PIN access applications. Fully sealed and epoxy potted in a metal housing, the AYC-E55 offers an exceptionally durable solution for any need.As part of Rosslare’s convertible line of readers/controllers, this unit can be operated as a keypad reader that connects to any standard controller, or converts into a secure 500-users standalone controller when connected to Rosslare’s PS-x25T family of intelligent power supply/relay units



AYC-E55 Convertible Ultra-Slim Piezo PIN Reader Features:


  • Supports 4- to 8-digit PIN credentials
  • Smooth, attractive design, for all-weather indoor and outdoor operation
  • Large, highly visible piezoelectric keypad
  • 2 tri-colored LEDs and an integral sounder for programming and operation
  • User-friendly menu system based on keypad, LED, and sounder indicators
  • Optical back tamper detection output
  • Default operation as a multi-format reader
  • Automatically recognizes Rosslare’s PS-x25T intelligent power supply family converting it into a 500-user standalone controller with secure relays


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