Rosslare Security CP-R20U


System Administrator, High Security, Incorporating Hardware Against, Software Piracy Technology, Operator Authentication, Process Secures Against Unauthorized, Activity PC Records Operator

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Rosslare’s CP-R20U is a sophisticated high-security desktop programmer unit for custom RFID proximity card applications. This lightweight, sleekly designed desktop unit offers easy to use card programming and management via Rosslare’s RFID ManageCard Console (CP‑S20). The CP-R20U packs features such as state-of-the-art microprocessor design and high quality, low cost, RFID Card reading and writing.



CP-R20U Mifare Contactless Card Desktop Programmer Features:


  • High security, incorporating HASP hardware against software piracy technology
  • Operator authentication process secures against unauthorized activity
  • PC records operator real-time history log for system administrator
  • Cards types supported: Atmel 555x, Sokymat, Temic 555x
  • USB 2.0 Link to PC
  • Slim and lightweight design, small desktop footprint


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