Rosslare Security EXP-1032


Up to 1023 MUs Connected Via Ethernet, Each MU Supports up to 32 EUs, Up to 32 Doors, 64 Readers, Up to 256 Inputs

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The ExpansE system is comprised of several units, the main unit (MU), the EXP-1032 ExpansE Networked Controller, and several secondary units such as the EXP-2024 2-Reader Door Unit, EXP-2016 16-Relay Output Unit, and the EXP-2088 8-Input/Output Unit.The more doors and/or interfaces connected to the system, the more cost-effective it is.The EXP-1032 Networked Control Panel with an onboard Web-based application is part of Rosslare’s ExpansE distributed access control system family. The EXP-1032 board contains an onboard Web-based application and supports 32 EUs via RS-485 communication, which can include up to 32 doors and 64 readers, up to 256 inputs and 512 outputs, and up to 128,000 users per connected controller.




EXP-1032 Expanse Networked Main Controller Features:


  • Up to 1023 MUs can be connected via Ethernet
  • Each MU supports up to 32 EUs which can include
  • Up to 32 doors, 64 readers
  • Up to 256 inputs
  • Up to 512 outputs
  • Onboard Web-based application
  • Panel configuration DIP switch
  • 128,000 users
  • 100,000 log events
  • Removable terminal blocks


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