Safety Vision PatrolRecorder 4C

Safety Vision

Law Enforcement In-Car Camera Mobile DVR System, Mobile Digital Video Recorder DVR, GPS Receiver, 5.6 Inch LCD Monitor, Zoom Security Camera, Car-mounted Camera, Wireless Audio Unit

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Mobile security is tough on your video monitoring and surveillance equipment; the Safety Vision PatrolRecorder digital video recording system is tough in the field. Featuring a compact mobile video recorder that can simultaneously record and playback video, this in-car video patrol system records high quality video on a 120 GB mobile-rated hard drive designed to operate in a high-vibration environment.


GPS interface software tracks position, speed, and other vital event information using the GPS receiver, and allows you to view location maps as you playback the video.


The 5.6” LCD monitor supports two water-resistant cameras, giving you complete coverage of your vehicle. The SV-Sony-10x/26x Color Zoom Security Camera features 1/4” Sony CCD image sensor, 4x/12x digital zoom, and dual sensitivity auto focus. The cabin-mounted SV-CFRC back seat camera features a 1/3 inch Sony CCD image sensor and a fixed lens.


A wireless belt microphone and audio unit offers 40 channels and 1,000’ line of site range.



The Mobile DVR System Package Includes:


  • PatrolRecorder 4C Mobile Digital Video Recorder DVR Features:
    • Real time video with simultaneous recording and playback
    • GPS mapping enables you to see a map of the location
    • User friendly with multiple input triggers allowing for automatic activated recording based on your specifications
    • Designed to operate in high-vibration environment
    • Operated as an event-based or shift-based, audio and telemetry data recorder
    • Password-protected user interface with an integrated locking removable drive bay
    • 120 GB Hard Drive
  • 5.6 inch LCD Monitor Features:
    • Supports two water-resistant cameras
    • Give you complete coverage of the area surrounding your vehicle
  • SV-Sony-10x/26x Color Zoom Security Camera Features:
    • 1/4 inch Sony CCD image sensor
    • Digital Zoom: 4x/12x
    • Fixed Lens
    • Minimum Illumination: 1.5 Lux / 1.1 Lux
    • Dual Sensitivity Auto Focus
  • SV-CFRC Back Seat Camera Features:
    • Cabin-mounted camera
    • 1/3 inch Sony CCD image sensor
    • Fixed Lens
    • Shutter speed: 1/60~100,000 seconds
  • Wireless Belt Microphone and Audio Unit Features:
    • 40 channels (2.4 GHz)
    • Range of 1,000 feet, line of-site
    • 12V DC power supply
    • 8 Hrs. of operation, 25 days standby


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