Samsung DE46C


24/7 Performance with Enhanced Quality, Adaptable and Economical Business Display, Slim and Lightweight for Flexible Installation, Intuitive Operation with Multiple Media Inputs, Easy Installation and Efficient Space Usage, Anti-reflection Screen

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The Samsung DE46C is flexible and reliable enough to handle continuous, high-quality presentations. It is suitable for demanding environments as this eco-friendly LFD omits various undesirable chemicals associated with LED technology. The LED technology offers high brightness with an enhanced luminescence of 700 nit. The viewing experience is further improved by an anti-glare and anti-glossy panel. 
24/7 Performance with Enhanced Quality
The DE46C enables different businesses to optimize the appearance of their content and image, improving key messages and offering a unified brand identity. Its slim bezel and edge-LED technology offer high brightness. It is designed for operation 24/7 in a variety of challenging environments.
Adaptable and Economical Business Display
These durable displays offer lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and are designed for continuous, energy-efficient operation with reduced power consumption with heat emission. 
Slim and lightweight for flexible installation
The Slim and lightweight design of DE46C gives a stylish and sleeker overall appearance. The lightweight design frees up more space and leads to easier, more efficient installation.
Intuitive Operation
The built-in professional signage player incorporates a high-performance processor, allowing users to deliver multiple sources of quality content simultaneously and continuously. This capability provides greater flexibility for when and how content displays, and improves resource utilization.


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