Samsung SNB-7001


3 MP Resolution (2048 X 1536), Multiple Streaming, Tampering Alarm, Motion Detection, H.264 & MJPEG Dual Codec, Privacy Masking, Smart codec, 3 Megapixel Full HD Network Camera

Regular Price $ 384.45 incl.VATOn sale price $ 326.79 incl.VAT

The Samsung SNB-7001 3 mega pixel Full HD Network Camera from Samsung TechWin Wisenettil range is an ideal video surveillance system for the applications that require high resolution videos. It is a compliant of ONVIF and represent true day/night camera with high-end functionalities. With its multi-streaming capability, it can display videos in different resolutions simultaneously in different CODECs including MJPEG and H.264. With its tapering alarm feature, event related video can be transferred through SMS or mail via FTP protocol. The camera also features browser-based detection and screen change detection.

Weight3 lbs


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