Samsung SNB-7002


3 Megapixel Full HD Network Camera, Full HD (1080p) Resolution, H.264 & MJPEG Dual Codec, Simple Focus, Advanced WDR, Face Detection, Audio Detection

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The Samsung SNB-7002 3MP Full HD Network Camera is a user-friendly and advanced control surveillance solution for the market need that requires constant adaptation for effective monitoring. It uses progressive technologies and advanced features for superior quality images. Equipped with outstanding features like SSDR (Samsung Super Dynamic Range) and advanced WDR, it provides color reproduction, high resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio. WDR of 96dB at 30fps allows auto focusing at the image. Face and audio detection abilities allow prioritization of faces and the view outside the camera is also taken into focus. Region Of Interest highlights areas in the cameras field of view. The camera also comes with auto port forwarding. It has a resolution of 2048p x 1536p

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