SECO-LARM E-941S-600/ZQ “Z” bracket and one “L” bracket magnetic lock


600-lb Series Indoor Maglock “Z” Bracket, For Inswinging Doors, Works with 1 “L” Bracket, For 600lb Series Lock

Regular Price $ 76.39 incl.VATOn sale price $ 64.93 incl.VAT

When mounting the SECO-LARM electromagnetic lock, the lock may require additional installation of a “Z” bracket, 1 or 2 “L” brackets, and/or plate spacers.  Depending on the location and type of door and frame, the “Z” bracket combines with an “L” bracket for mounting on inswing doors.  This E-941S-600/ZQ bracket mounts the 600-lb Series Maglocks which includes E-941SA-600, E-941SA-600PQ, E-941DA-600Q, and E-941DA-600PQ.


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