SECO-LARM EAP-5D5Q, 12 or 24 vdc output voltage access control power supply, AC power failure supervision relay

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The SECO-LARM EAP-5D5Q power supply acts as a central power source that controls multiple electronic locks or accessories in an access control system. It features 5 output ports that are provided with individual output fuse. The board is secured with short-circuit and overload protection along with automatic shutdown and LED overload indicator for more security. Furthermore, over-current fuse-protected AC input and DC output with LED status indicator provides a dependable performance.

The SECO-LARM EAP-5D5Q access control power supply is equipped with AC power failure and battery failure supervision relay with End-of-Line (EOL) resistor via DIP switch. The built-in back-up battery is automatically triggered in case of AC power failure.




  • AC power failure supervision relay.
  • Battery failure supervision relay.
  • Selectable 2.2KΩ End-of-Line (EOL) resistor for AC failure and battery failure supervision relaysvia DIP switch.
  • Selectable delay timer (5 sec., 5 min., 5 hours) for AC failure supervision relay via DIP switch.
  • Board designed with overload and short-circuit protection, including automatic shutdown and LED overload indicator.
  • Over-current fuse-protected AC input.
  • Built-in back-up battery charger (back-up battery is optional).
  • Automatically switch to back-up battery if AC fails.
  • Individual AC input and DC output LED status indicators.


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