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Security Cameras by Application

A big-box security system can be very limiting in some situations, instead create a security plan that is cost effective and will meet your needs perfectly. Whether its a home, small business or a special industry we are here to help. At to 2MCCTV we offer a wide variety of camera styles and technology along with any other equipment to complete your perfect security system. You can go to our "Shop by Industry" page and find some of the areas we have encountered but not limited to, for example Home Use, Small Business, Body Cameras, Government. We are very versatile and always willing to tackle a challenge, our certified technicians can assist with any questions.

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  1. KJB C12847

    USB Video, View Remotely Anywhere, Encrypted Transmission, SleuthGear Rectangle, Clock USB Wireless, It is Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 bit, and Windows 7

    Model No : KJB C12847
  2. KJB DVR0071

    Thumb Size Camcorder, Small Size, 1.3MP Camera for Video Recording, Still Shots, Use for Body-Worn Videos, Pictures, In a Car, Webcam, Sports, Easy to Operate Using LED Indicator

    Model No : KJB DVR0071
  3. KJB SC9509C

    Zone Shield Digital Picture Frame, Zone Shield Digital Picture Frame, D1 High Resolution, 720X480 Resolution, 30 Frames Per Second, Multiple Schedule Recording

    Model No : KJB SC9509C
  4. Geovision GV-LPC2011-0010 2MP color Network Camera License Plate Recognition

    Geovision GV-LPC2011 2MP color network camera designed for recognition of reflective license plates on vehicles traveling up at 60 km/h (37 mph) or less.

    Model No : GV-LPC2011

    Regular Price: $578.00

    Special Price $410.38

  5. KJB DVR1310

    Xtreme Life DVR with Camera,Up to one year of operation, Standby Mode on a Battery Charge, Wireless Operation, Motion Activated, Water Resistant, Truly the Only Product on the Market for Outside Long Term Use

    Model No : KJB DVR1310
  6. Messoa SCR505-HN5

    • Headlight Suppression powered by CatchAll Engine
    • High Contrast Image
    • Powerful IR
    • Wide Range Capture
    • Rain Guard/ Extendable Sunshield

    Model No : SCR505-HN5

    Regular Price: $1,200.00

    Special Price $529.41


    • Mobile Access
    • Wi-Fi Connected
    • Two-Way Talk
    • Night Vision
    • Motion Detection
    • HD Camera

    Model No : 88RG001FC100

    Regular Price: $242.00

    Special Price $181.50

  8. KJB SC7020

    Xtreme Life Landscape Stone QUAD, Easy Install, Just Charge It Place It in Desired Location, the SC7020 will do the Rest, 2 Second Start Up for Motion Activated Recording Using PIR

    Model No : KJB SC7020
  9. KJB C1595

    Capture Video, with the IR Camera, Zone Shield Night, Vision iPod Dock QUAD LCD, that Can See Up to 20 ft, in Near Darkness, Completely Invisible IR Sensors, Easy Remote View, with No IP Set-Up Required

    Model No : KJB C1595
  10. FLIR Systems FC-324

    Quality In All Conditions, High-Performance, WDR Thermal Video, For Industry-Leading Image, All-Weather Industrial-Rated System

    Model No : FC-324
  11. Geovision GV-LPC1200 1MP B/W Network Camera License Plate Recognition

    Geovision GV-LPC1200-001U 1 MP 10x Zoom B/W Network Camera

    Model No : GV-LPC1200

    Regular Price: $1,485.00

    Special Price $1,054.35

  12. KJB C1169

    Pair it with Any of Our Portable DVRs, For Complete Body Worn Surveillance, High Resolution Camera, Low Power Consumption

    Model No : KJB C1169
  13. KJB C1596

    Zone Shield, Night Vision, iPod Dock QUAD, Capture Video with the IR Camera, that can See Up to 20 ft, Near Darkness, Completely Invisible IR Sensors, Easy Remote View with no IP Set-up Required

    Model No : KJB C1596
  14. KJB SC7032

    Teddy Bear Camera, Xtreme Life Wireless, Teddy Bear Camera, Quad Video Display and Recording, Easy to install, Remote View with No IP Hassles, 2 Second Start Up for Motion Activated Recording Using PIR

    Model No : KJB SC7032
  15. SkyBell DBCAM Doorbell Camera in Silver

    • Two-Way Audio
    • Motion Sensor
    • Full Color Night Vision
    • On-Demand Monitoring
    • Silent Mode
    • Video storage of up to 500MB of video clips
    • Color: Silver finish (Also Available in Bronze)
    • Free Technical Help on Products Bought from 2MCCTV
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Contact Us

    Model No : DBCAM

    Regular Price: $212.00

    Special Price $159.00

  16. KJB DVR252

    Motion Activated, Continuous Recording Settings, Remote Control Included, For Easier Operation, Adapter Line Camera, Supports Up to a 32GB SD card

    Model No : KJB DVR252
  17. KJB C12577

    SleuthGear Book Cam USB, Easy to set up, Wireless USB video, View remotely anywhere, Encrypted transmission, It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 bit, as well as Windows 7

    Model No : KJB C12577
  18. KJB C1300MC

    Hidden Video Camera System, Power Supply, RCA Cable, Instructions, Hardwired Mantel Clock Camera

    Model No : KJB C1300MC
  19. KJB SC9119C

    Zone Shield Floor Model Air Purifier, Video Compression H.264, 30 frames per second (adjustable 1-30), Multiple schedule recording options allow you to just record the action

    Model No : KJB SC9119C
  20. Ubiquiti NBE-5AC-19

    Product Features:

    • Weight: 0.530 kg (1.17 lb)
    • 24V, 0.5A Gigabit PoE Power Supply
    • 128 MB DDR2, 8 MB Flash Memory
    • (1) Power, (1) LAN, (4) WLAN LED's
    • 19 dBi Gain

    Model No : NBE-5AC-19
  21. KJB SC7002

    No Visibale Wires, Truly the Only Product, Inside Long Term Use, Xtreme Life Teddy Bear, Up to 30 Days of Operation in Standby Mode, Battery Operated, Wireless operation, Motion Activated

    Model No : KJB SC7002

    • Mobile Access
    • Wi-Fi Connected
    • Two-Way Talk
    • Night Vision
    • Motion Detection
    • HD Camera

    Model No : 88RG002FC100

    Regular Price: $242.00

    Special Price $181.50

  23. KJB SC7012

    Easy Install Just Charge It, Sit It, 2 Second Start Up, For Motion Activated Recording Using PIR, Xtreme Life Teddy Bear QUAD LCD

    Model No : KJB SC7012
  24. KJB C1580

    Zone Shield, Plant Camera, Easy Remote View with no IP Set-Up Required, Connect and Record Up to 4, Cameras with Quad View, Get 64 Plus Hours of recording, time with 32Gb SD Card, QUAD LCD

    Model No : KJB C1580
  25. FLIR Systems A310F45 Fixed IP Thermal Camera

    A310F45 45 Degree Fixed IP Thermal Camera Features:

    • Perimeter security with thermal imaging and analytics
    • Equipment monitoring to avoid unscheduled failures
    • Wide-area surveillance for fire detection and monitoring of critical materials
    • Alarms based on actual object temperatures exceeding pre-set thresholds

    Beyond their 24/7 perimeter intrusion and threat detection capabilities, A310F cameras are field proven for:

    • Fire detection
    • Overheating equipment detection
    • Remote visual inspection
    • Alarm verification

    Model No : A310F45
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Items 1 to 25 of 82 total

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