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Easy DIY Complete Systems

CCTV security and surveillance can be very complicated. 2MCCTV makes everything very simple. We feature security camera systems complete with everything needed to install, configure, monitor, and maintain a system. It can be as simple as a few cameras for home security or a large, complex system customized for a business or educational campus.

These packages contain everything from cameras and recorders to cables and power leads. Many include a computer with a DVR capture card already installed and tested. We also ship a free 19” flat panel monitor with each camera system and warranty them for one to two years. 
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  1. 2MKT-7008

    Features: 8 Channel TVI,AHD,CVI,CVBS 2MT-7008 8 x 2MP Vandal Eyeball TVI Cameras 2MVT-2MIR20 1 x Central Power Supply 2M-12V910 1 x Western Digital Purple 2TB Hard Drive

    Model No : 2MKT-7008

    From: $103.87

    To: $909.20

  2. 2MKT-7004

    Features: 1x 2MT-7004 4x 2MVT-2MIR20 1x 2M-PH5AB-5P 1x Western Digital Purple 2TB

    Model No : 2MKT-7004

    From: $103.87

    To: $549.87

  3. 2MKT-7116

    Features: 1x 2MT-7116 8x 2MVT-2MIR20 8x 2MBT-2MIR20 1x 2M-12V1812 1x Western Digital Purple 4TB

    Model No : 2MKT-7116

    From: $472.00

    To: $1,544.00

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3 Item(s)

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