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If you have never purchased a security system before then it is important to understand the available options regarding hardware, recording types and storage capability. Each of these factors affects how well your location is covered and access to the information for reference or usage in extreme situations. You also need to ensure that you buy from a reliable online vendor that offers quality products at affordable prices for any size company, large or small.

Cameras, DVR (digital video recording), cables and telev

ision sets are some of the hardware needed for the basic setup. Customers can order a complete package based on the number of points/areas that need to be covered both on the interior and exterior of the business. A single TV screen is designed to display all the images from the various cameras and when you use a CCTV system then you can access it from anywhere even offsite.

While all recordings play back the same there are actually a couple of different ways to have this set up based on your particular needs, hours and preference. Continuous recording is the most popular because it captures everything that happens all throughout the day but storage becomes a major consideration because it uses a lot of this. You will need to decide if after a specified period of time the images will overwrite the previous recordings in order to save on this function. Scheduled recording is another technique used for areas where they only need to record what happens after they close and not all through the day. Less storage is used but still accumulated fairly quickly so you will still need to decide how long to keep footage or on a process for ‘reusing’ the DVR. The third option is the ‘built in motion’ which means that the cameras only record if they are triggered by motion. For interior cameras this is easy enough but for outdoor hardware this may get a bit tricky depending on what critters happen to run around at night. On the positive side, this accumulates storage space at a slower pace on the hard drive than the others.

Security is not just a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must’ for owners that want to protect everything they have worked so hard for. Make sure that you buy CCTV online from a manufacturer that offers the best deals and reliable systems.

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