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In a time where mass shootings are widely publicized and copied around the country, many people are looking for solutions to protect schools from further incidents. Ideas such as metal detectors and X-ray scanners are often mentioned but many feel this would create a negative atmosphere that doesn’t belong places of education. However, we put these devices in airports, courthouses and other location where we feel further protection is required and do no worry about the impression it will leave; why not install them in the location where our most precious cargo, our children, spend most of their day? In this post, we’ll cover some key security solutions to prevent further school shootings.

Metal Detectors:

Metal Detectors Prevent School Shootings

The first solution that comes to mind is walk through metal detectors at entrances to the building. This becomes a first line of defense to stop weapons, especially knives and firearms, from making it on to the premises. This tactic has been used in inner city schools, which traditionally had high incidence of violence, for years to great effect. Additionally, students became acclimated to the devices and they did not disrupt the learning environment.

X-ray Scanners:

Another way to prevent dangerous materials from entering the building are X-ray scanning machines. These devices will allow security personal to identify any weapons, drugs or other prohibited materials from entering the building. These can be as small as a simple box that would allow a bag or backpack pass through for immediate analysis and identification. These can be less intimidating while still providing sufficient protection from unwanted incidents and are not limited to only detecting objects with metallic properties.   

Access Control:

Further, schools should control where people can enter to better monitor who is coming onto the property. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done depending on the campus layout. It is important to lock unnecessary entrances and force people to enter in one location if possible. This improves the effectiveness of metal detectors and X-ray scanners as there is no way to get around them. Electronic door lock should be used to prevent unwanted people from entering through back or side doors.

Surveillance Cameras at Entrances:

Surveillance cameras should also be placed at the entrance, or entrances if necessary, to capture footage of everyone who visits the location. Facial detection or recognition features could also be used for further insight on who is coming and going to identify suspicious individuals. You could also be alerted if previous suspicious individuals try and return to the property.

General Security Cameras:

In addition to at entrances, security cameras should also be installed around the building with security personal actively monitoring the footage. This can act as your last line of defense, allowing you to identify a possible or current threat quickly for a faster response time.

Wrap Up:

Preventing school shootings has become a rising concern in lieu of recent tragedies. 2MCCTV offers a wide range of access control products as well as surveillance security cameras. Log on and give us a call at 1-877-926-2288 today, we would love to help you out with all of your security needs. We have a highly experienced team of salesmen, technicians and installers who can help you design the perfect security system for your individual needs.

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