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Security System Mistakes to Avoid

In the modern world, security systems have become an integral part of our homes and businesses. But even though a lot of businesses have been using security camera systems, thieves and criminals continue to get away with breaking laws because a lot of basic rules regarding security systems are not followed every day. So, whenever you are configuring your security system, it is important to make sure that your system is set up in such a way that you can avoid the most common mistakes. The following is a list that might help you make sure that your security system is up to the task at all times:

Making sure that the cameras are working

This might sound obvious but this mistake happens a lot more than one would think. Because most security cameras continue to show the same footage, it might be difficult to identify if something is wrong with your security camera. It might be worth considering checking if your cameras are functioning properly if there was a power outage recently, if they are old, or if they were here before the current space was leased.

Is your DVR or NVR recording properly?

This one is particularly easy to avoid and it is always sad when someone says they did not notice this issue. You have a break-in and then you have no footage of it and you realize that your DVR was not recording properly. How do you get around that issue? Just make sure to press the record. Making sure that the DVR is recording is a crucial part of any security system

Make sure everything is plugged in

A lot of businesses or homes always have some cameras that are not plugged into their DVRs and they do not understand how their cameras are not working. It happens more frequently in restaurants, bars, and similar places where the ownership changes very frequently. If there is an unconnected coaxial/RG59 cable or DVR card dongle, do not ignore it.

Do you have enough storage for your recordings?

Sometimes a lot of businesses underestimate how much storage they will require for the amount of footage they will be recording. So, sometimes, everything will be plugged in and your DVR will be recording but you will see that there is no footage. How might that happen? That is a good indication that you might have run out of storage in your DVR or your NVR. Depending on how often you record or how much footage you record, you should consider getting a bigger HDD drive for better storage. You could also consider adjusting your frames per second or your resolution to better accommodate how much storage you have. So, optimizing your FPS is really important because otherwise you would not have as clear or as smooth of a video as you would have otherwise. If the resolution of the video is too low, even if the video is recorded, it will not be able to do what it is meant to. That is why investing in a high resolution, high capacity DVR, and high FPS camera might be a very good investment for you.

Making sure your CCTV cameras are in the right area

When it comes to placing CCTV cameras, it is important to always place them in the hotspots. In the areas where you think the thieves and burglars might target you. It is advisable that your cameras give you a 360-degree view of your property so that to be criminals can not blindside you.


If you have made mistakes that we have not mentioned in this blog or have noticed mistakes worse than the ones mentioned here, please comment and tell us about your funny, educational, or unfortunate issues that you might have faced.

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