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In 2019, 67% of households in the U.S. had a pet, and these rates are expected to increase with time. Further more, 95% of pet owners say that they consider their pets to be member of the family. Security systems don’t exist to just protect your property and children anymore, but your pets as well.

Benefits of a Security System for Pets

The biggest advantage of having a home security system is that you are able to monitor your pets when you are not at home. Regardless of where you are, a live stream of your security system will be accessible through your computer or smartphone. Through this, you’ll be able to ensure your pet is doing well and not getting into any trouble. Some cameras are even equipped with 2 way audio so that you can listen to your pet and speak to them. You can also install motion sensors to certain doors or cabinets you want your pet to stay away from. If these sensors are triggered, an alert will be sent to you so that you can make sure your pet doesn’t get into anything they shouldn’t.

Motion Sensor Cameras

Security systems with motion sensors are very advantageous. They can alert the homeowner when an intruder is detected so action can be taken. However, there have been many false alarms triggered by this, which makes people wary of these security systems. But certain cameras are made to tell the difference between pets and humans. Some cameras use weight and height to discern differences while others can tell by the amount of heat being emitted. With these different methods, the possibility of a false alarm being triggered will be small.

Setting Up Your Security System

When choosing a proper security system, make sure to choose a wireless cameras. With a wireless security system, pets won’t be able to chew up any cables or trip on any wires. Mount cameras on walls/ceilings or put them in places they won’t be able to reach and knock down. Remember to install motion sensors on pet doors, if applicable. The sensors will alert you when your pet leaves or if an intruder is trying to gain entry through the opening.

In society today, our pets are very important to us. Protect your furry family with a proper security system. There’s too much to lose with the possibility of your pet being in danger, but you have everything to gain with the help of surveillance.

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