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With the growing concern of property crimes like package theft and home burglary, many people are wanting to get some sort of surveillance camera. There are many options out there, from video doorbells to complete wireless security camera systems; but which one is right for you? I’ll discuss the pros and cons to each choice as I compare video doorbell systems to wireless CCTV.

Pros Video Doorbell

-Ease of use

Systems like the Ring Video Doorbell definitely have their pros, mainly, ease of use. These systems are designed to be used by the average consumer and thus, they tend to have a more intuitive user interface. Further, because the device is less complicated and is running independently, operation and maintenance is typically less complex.  


Video doorbells are also somewhat disguised, allowing of an unobtrusive look that will not offend your neighbors or friends. The device will also be hidden from intruders, at least until they are too close and already captured by the camera. This allows you to maintain a subtle appearance while keeping an eye on your property.

-Less Expensive

These devices also entice users because they are less expensive than having a complete security camera system installed. Because it is only one device, the initial start-up cost is inherently less. For those looking for minimal coverage in an easy, inexpensive solution, this is a good option.

-Wide Angle Lens

The wide angle lens maximizes the area covered by the single camera. This wide field of view gives you a lot of bang for your buck. This allows you to see people coming up to your property from varying angles and keeps them in view of the camera.

Cons Video Doorbell

-Limited Application

Because the device is a doorbell camera, it has a very limited application. Its general location and field of view are incredibly fixed and is designed for more specific applications. It is designed to view who is coming up to your patio and inform you. This is primarily useful for the rising occurrence of package theft.

-Wide Angle Slightly Distorts

The wide angle lens allows the single camera to capture as much information as possible but unfortunately it also distorts images, especially at close ranges. This does not render it useless, you can still identify faces at close ranges as it was designed to do, but it does make your footage look off.


-More Coverage

One of the major pros of a complete wireless camera system is that you get more coverage. You can install multiple cameras, capturing farther distances around your property to get as much information as possible. You are also able to install cameras inside your property for further protection.   


Complete camera systems are also much more customizable. They can be tailored to your needs and the design of the property for optimal operation. You can utilized additional mounts and housings to further position and protect your cameras. You can also design your system to be more visible and obvious to act as more of a deterrent for crime.

-Better Quality

Surveillance camera systems also offer cameras with higher resolutions, better IR, and improved vandal resistant capabilities. This provides you with the best technology possible to protect your property and capture useful footage.

-More Storage

CCTV systems also provide you with more storage and storage options for your video footage. This is primarily because there are more cameras capturing more video footage at a time, although, it also increases the amount of time you are able to store footage.


-More Complex

Because there are more components working together, complete security camera systems are inherently more complex. This does not make them unusable, or even difficult to some, however it is a point worth noting. You can get security camera systems that integrate with your mobile devices the same way as video doorbell devices.

-More Expensive

Complete security camera systems are more expensive, there’s no way around it. However, there are some options in price ranges that may surprise you. Some complete four camera systems start at low and affordable prices and provide you with everything you need to get started.

Wrap Up

Whether you decide on a video doorbell or a complete security camera system, 2M Solutions is here to help with all your surveillance needs. We have a team of highly experienced technicians, salesmen and installers who are happy to help you get everything working properly. Call us at 1-877-926-2288 and well get started working with you today!

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