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Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras offer a variety of features and options. They can zoom in on events in real-time, have fully remote control options, and can monitor large areas. These cameras are a popular option for a variety of companies., these cameras sometimes work with other professional security cameras in television studios or at sporting events. Sometimes they refer to them as robos (robotic cameras).

PTZ Cameras

The cameras are ideally suited for outdoor applications or even big warehouses. Depending on the camera you install, your camera can move between zero pan/tilt to full 360 pan/180 degree tilt. PTZ cameras have two types of zoom: optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical zoom means the camera physically moves to zoom. Digital zoom allows you to zoom after the video has been recorded. Although, because digital zoom is done after the video is recorded, the image can be slightly pixelated. Because of their movements, PTZ cameras use more power than fixed cameras. Although, most models are now available with PoE or PoE+ to make installation easier.

These cameras can sometimes include live video production, sports broadcasting, video conferencing, security, and telemedicine. The cameras give you the ability to have complete control over your camera’s field of view, ensuring safety and security for your company. You can replace a multi-camera system with one PTZ camera and get the same effect.

Monitoring Large Areas

With a PTZ camera, you can easily monitor larger areas. This reduces the cost of your security surveillance camera system as you will require fewer cameras. For an outdoor-based business, such as a construction site, PTZ cameras offer active surveillance. In addition, they can read license plates of vehicles. Movement tracking is another feature of the cameras. The camera can follow a person or car as they move in the range of that camera to out of sight. You can set the camera to move when action is detected. This allows the camera to track any suspicious movement. Once the movement has left the scope of the camera, the camera will return to its pre-programmed position until it senses other movements.

Zooming and Panning

PTZ cameras have the option to zoom and pan over different areas and focus in real-time. They give you a detailed view of your workspace easily with a clear image. One of the more popular areas for PTZ cameras is parking lots and can help with claims for vehicle damage, slip and fall injuries, and hit and run traffic. These cameras give you the ability to view the entire parking lot and zoom in on specific incidents when necessary.


Another widespread use is for schools and universities. In K-12 schools, PTZ cameras are used for monitoring the students and tracking any incidents. Incidents can be related to bullying or even break ins. Above all, it is important that school crimes are tracked and reported as it relates to the safety of children. Therefore, they can help the school deploy staff members quicker to get to the scene. On university campuses, they can be utilized on the quads or sports arenas to provide additional security for students, staff, and visitors.


PTZ cameras are perfect for wide-open areas. They work well for guard stations as the security employees can monitor them and pan, tilt, zoom them as needed. If you combine them with fixed cameras, the fixed cameras can take detailed shots while the PTZ camera tracks movement. You should also take the zoom into account. The zoom is received after with digital zoom, so optical zoom has a more precise image

Wrap Up

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