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500 Feet, UL Certified, White – Siamese Coaxial Cable, Coax and Power Cable, combined together, this cable is a single pull for each camera

Regular Price $ 129.90 incl.VATOn sale price $ 82.81 incl.VAT

If you have to trouble-shoot your security system, you might have to pull and replace power or coaxial cable. Pulling cable is a time-consuming, expensive headache; pulling a coaxial cable and a power cable for each component in a CCTV security and surveillance system is all that and twice as annoying. This SIAMESE-500-WHT CCTV Cable combines an RG-59U coaxial cable with 18/2 power wire in a single jacket. The SIAMESE-500-WHT makes camera installations and connections easy. It only requires a single pull for each camera installation, saving time, money, headaches, and (most importantly) annoyance. This cable is UL certified and carries a one year warranty.


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