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Single Door Controllers

single, door, controller, access, control, security, cctv, surveillance Single Door Controllers provide interfaces for a variety of readers, magnetic lock, exit buttons, and other accessories. Along with providing interfaces, the controllers can also coordinate the operations of all the components to form a complete access control solution. These controllers are usually enclosed units with access control applications. These standalone control units are design to manage an access control system for a single door.
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  1. Aiphone IE-SS-A

    Aiphone IE-SS-A Audio Only Door Station, Stainless Steel, Flush Mount

    Model No : Aiphone IE-SS-A
  2. GeoVision GV-AS410

    GV-AS410 Controller (One-way control: 4 doors/Two-way control: 4 doors, Ethernet only, no RS485 to DVR, I/O 16 in/24 out - (54-AS4CA-100, Iron box is optional)

    Model No : GeoVision GV-AS410
  3. GeoVision GV-AS210

    Controller, Iron Box included, (One-way control: 4 doors/Two-way control: 2 doors by Wiegand, 4 doors by Wiegand and RS-485)

    Model No : GeoVision GV-AS210
  4. GeoVision GV-AS120

    GV-AS120 (panel + 13.56 MHz reader, 2 functions in one) (IP66), Conroller with Built-in Reader

    Model No : GeoVision GV-AS120
  5. GeoVision GV-AS110

    GV-AS110 (panel + gv-reader 13.56 MHz) + keypad, Conroller with Built-in Reader

    Model No : GeoVision GV-AS110
  6. GeoVision GV-EV48-48

    GV-EV48-48 Elevator Controller 48 Floors, Up to 2 GV-Readers, network connection

    Model No : GeoVision GV-EV48-48
  7. GeoVision GV-EV48-24

    GV-EV48-24 Elevator Controller 24 Floors, Up to 2 GV-Readers, network connection

    Model No : GeoVision GV-EV48-24
  8. Aiphone LE-AN

    Aiphone LE-AN Surface Mount Sub With Privacy, microphone and speaker with Talk button to contact master or other sub stations

    Model No : Aiphone LE-AN
  9. Aiphone LEF-3L

    Aiphone LEF-3L W/ A DOOR RELEASE

    Model No : Aiphone LEF-3L
  10. Aiphone DA1AS

    Aiphone DA1AS Boxed Set Intercom consisting of DA-1MD Master Station

    Model No : Aiphone DA1AS
  11. Aiphone IEH1CD

    Aiphone IEH1CD Sub Station Intercom handset, One or two audio doors, with 4-tone and 2-tone chimes

    Model No : Aiphone IEH1CD
  12. Aiphone GT-1C

    Aiphone GT-1C Video Door Phone

    Model No : Aiphone GT-1C
  13. Rosslare AC-115

    Compact Networked Single Door Controller, unit can control 2400 users (In/Out), built-in sounder for doorbell, built-in backup battery charger, 8-controllers can be connected in a RS-485 network that interfaces with the PC software using one RS-232 to RS-485 converter

    Model No : Rosslare AC-115
  14. Aiphone LE-D

    Aiphone LE-D Surface audio door station, an overall shield, Contact rating: 30V AC or DC, 1A

    Model No : Aiphone LE-D
  15. Rosslare Security AC-A42

    Internal Buzzer Indicators, Advanced 500 User, Standalone Controller, Access Via Proximity Card, PIN Codes, Compatible 26-Bit EM Proximity Cards

    Model No : Rosslare Security AC-A42
  16. Rosslare Security AC-A41

    Advanced Stand Alone, 500 User Controller, Two Tri Colored, LED Buzzer Indicators, Lock Strike, Auxiliary Relay Outputs

    Model No : Rosslare Security AC-A41
  17. Rosslare Security AC-Q44

    Anti Vandal Construction, Built-in 125 kHz, Rfid Card Reader, 500 Users PIN, Credentials Granting Access, Smooth Attractive Design

    Model No : Rosslare Security AC-Q44
  18. Rosslare Security AC-T43

    Smooth Attractive Design Highly Sensitive, Piezo Metal Keys, 3 operational Security, Selected Special PIN Codes

    Model No : Rosslare Security AC-T43
  19. Rosslare Security AC-S43

    Highly-Sensitive, Piezo Metal Keys, 500 PIN Users, Smooth Attractive Design, 3 Operational Security, Levels Selected Special PIN Codes

    Model No : Rosslare Security AC-S43
  20. Rosslare Security AC-Q42SB

    Built-in 125 kHz Rfid, Card Reader, 500 Users PIN, Rfid User Credentials, Granting Access, Smooth Attractive Design, Anti Vandal Construction

    Model No : Rosslare Security AC-Q42SB
  21. Rosslare Security AC-Q41SB

    500 Users PIN, Credentials Granting Access, Smooth Attractive Design, Anti-Vandal Construction, Highly-Visible Blue, Backlit Keypad, 3 Operational Security, Levels Selected, Special PIN Codes

    Model No : Rosslare Security AC-Q41SB
  22. 2M Technology 2MAC-1001-RS

    Dimension: 160*106mm, Single Door Controller Board, Network way: RS485 Baudrate 9600, Remote Control Function, Anti-Passback, Electronic Map, Emergency Close

    Model No : 2M Technology 2MAC-1001-RS
  23. GeoVision GV-AS100

    Panel/Reader/Keypad Controller, Easy Programming, Anti-Passback Support, Built-in 3 Digital Inputs, Built-in 2 Relay Outputs, One Weigand Output

    Model No : GeoVision GV-AS100
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23 Item(s)

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