Smart Thermal Sensor Solution by FLIR to Aid in Industrial Monitoring for Elevated Temperature Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis Leave a comment

The FLIR A400/A700 Thermal Smart Sensor and Thermal Image Streaming fixed camera solution is the new model announced by FLIR systems to monitor production lines, equipment, and the general workspace to locate elevated temperature in human bodies.

What is new in the Smart Thermal Sensor Solution?

The camera systems are very easily modifiable and they provide very accurate temperature without the need for any contact. That is important because that lessens the chance of any virus spreading via human contact. As a result, it is very easily applicable across a multitude of industries including but not limited to manufacturing, health and safety, manufacturing process control, and product development.

To meet the specific needs of the customers, the A400/A700 cameras have been designed in two configurations. 


  • Thermal Smart Sensor Configuration: The thermal smart sensor configuration is recommended for measuring skin temperature as it incorporates measurement tools equipped to raise alarms when the temperature is above a certain threshold.
  • Image Streaming Configuration: The image streaming configuration on the other hand has multiple thermal streaming capabilities that help optimize process control. That assures quality is improved and also helps identify potential failures so that entire product lines do not have to be shut down.

Users can opt to pick either of the configurations and then they select either of the A40 or A700 camera bodies based on what kind of resolution they desire and then they can add lenses and a range of other features to fit their needs.

Jim Cannon, president and CEO at FLIR stated that “FLIR will prioritize initial deliveries of this new A-series camera to professionals using it in elevated skin temperature screening as an adjunct to other elevated body temperature screening tools to help to fight the spread of the virus.” So, those responding to COVID-19 will be the first priorities of the FLIR A400/A700 Thermal Smart Sensor Solution.

FLIR A400/A700 Thermal Smart Sensor and Thermal Image Streaming Cameras can be purchased today from a FLIR distributor partner globally.

FLIR Systems was founded in 1978 and is focused on smart solutions for industrial, defense, and commercial applications. 

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