Honeywell SMB10


Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion, Easy opening case, Makes Changing Batteries, Pulse Processing Intermediate Standard, Harsh Selectable Via Jumpers

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detection with pet immunity up to 80 lbs. Optimum performance is obtained by using Uniform Sensitivity Optics, which provides the same level of detection throughout the entire coverage area—no matter what the distance.




SMB10 Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion Features:


  • Immune to pets up to 80lbs.
  • Uniform Sensitivity Optics
    – Fresnel lens provides the same sensitivity at the edges of the pattern as exists directly in front of the sensors
  • Up to 10 year battery life reduces service costs
  • Temperature Compensation
    – Adjusts for ambient temperature for improved performance
  • Shares the same sleek, sophisticated packaging across the DUAL TEC® and PIR family lines
  • Easy opening case (no tools required) makes changing batteries a snap
  • Pulse Processing
    – Intermediate, Standard, or Harsh selectable via jumpers
  • Case Tamper Protection
  • Patented Black Bug Guard for improved white light immunity


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