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As a precaution for the COVID-19 pandemic, companies all around the world are starting to take the health of their employees seriously. To that end, thermal body scanners that can measure the body temperature of employees and visitors alike have become crucial. One such product, the Hybrid Security Camera Screening Package is turning out to be a blessing to companies that want to ensure a safe work environment. Both large scale and small scale businesses have started investing in different kinds of thermal solutions to stay afloat in these tough times. While these decisions are personal and relative to the kind of business owned, one particular product has garnered immense popularity. So let’s learn a little bit more about the product in detail and see what all the fuss is about.

What is the product?

The new product is called the TPC-BF5421-T Ultra Thermal/Visible Hybrid Security Camera Screening Package for Human Body Temperature Measurement. The margin of error for the product is .3 degrees Celsius or .5 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a Blackbody Alarm which can notify the authority if people with fever are scanned by it. 

What new features does the Hybrid Security Camera Screening Package Provide:

Let’s now briefly go over some features of the Hybrid Camera Screening Package. The package consists of a blackbody. Additionally, there is also a tripod and blackbody that it comes with; it also comes with a connector/adaptor for the camera. 

  • The camera measures human body temperature with a margin of error of .3 degrees Celsius or .5 degrees Fahrenheit when a blackbody is used for the measurements.
  • Thermal camera resolution of 400x300px with a 13mm lens
  • A visible camera resolution of 1980×1080
  • Screening does not require any contact whatsoever
  • Multiple people can be measured simultaneously.
  • Strobe light and speaker in the package so that alerts can be instantaneous.
  • Facial recognition is based on AI NVR.
  • IP-67 water-proofing

Functionality of the new model

The novel coronavirus is not the only pathogenic threat that has plagued the world in recent memory. Over the course of the twenty-first century, we have had issues with Ebola, SARS, and H1N1 just to name a few. In light of that, greater security is needed where mass gatherings take place. As such, there are a lot of applications for a camera like this:

  • Transportation services like an airport or subway station 
  • Police and emergency checkpoints for first-responders
  • Health clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes
  • Large gathering centers in the entertainment industry like sports arenas, concert venues, and convention centers
  • Manufacturing and storage facilities.

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