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There are many times where business owners want their premises visually secure but don’t want this fact well-known among their employees. Reasons can include trying to catch an employee in a criminal act, monitoring unsanctioned behavior and ensuring that the security equipment is not disabled or damaged in any way.

The best way to attain this type of system is to invest in security hidden cameras that are either embedded in the wall or ceiling or to purchase everyday items that blend in with the surroundings at the office. Smoke detectors, clocks, EXIT signs and technical wall objects are just a few of the options that can be considered and utilized around the building.

When creating a stealth security system it is important to ensure that you research the hardware thoroughly and understand the limitations and capabilities before finalizing the purchase. In addition to the hidden cameras you also need to buy the DVR, TV screen and accessories in order to record and access the visual images that are captured.

This can be done on-site in a secure room that has limited access as well as is monitored from a remote device based on the type of setup that you use. Laws permit video recording for offices and homes but recording sound or conversations has to be disclosed to the individuals so you need to be sure that you operate with the proper understanding. These devices are excellent tools in minimizing theft and fraud from within the company as well as identifying individuals that break in from the outside.

If you are trying to monitor several different types of areas then it is best to work with the customer service representatives in order to have a comprehensive package put together that secures the entire facility. For example, you may want security hidden cameras that are in plain sight on the exterior of the building but use the hidden cameras on the inside for portraying a false sense of security. Be sure to ask about storage size so that you have a compatible DVR and backup plan for when footage needs to be deleted or archived to a separate location.

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