Best Security Surveillance Cameras

Best Security Cameras

With concerns of safety and peace of mind, many people look to install a surveillance camera system. Modern HD security camera systems are great for keeping an eye on your property and loved ones and can help immensely if an event does occur.

How do Surveillance Cameras Work?

Analog HD surveillance cameras has many different types of connections but HD-CVI is considered the industry standard for modern high definition. This method operates over a coaxial combo cable using BNC connectors. IP, or network, security camera systems are the most recent type to emerge and operate over a standard CAT5/6 Ethernet cable. They are capable of supporting 4K resolution video and are easy to set up with PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities.

Security Surveillance Camera System

A security surveillance camera system requires several components to function. In addition to the security cameras you select, you will also need all the proper connectors and wiring. Further, you will need to get a video recorder and storage method. You will also want to consider any surveillance camera mounts and housing you may need for proper installation. If you would like to learn more we have a Guide to Buying a Security Camera System.

Buy Security Surveillance Camera System

Whether you need a large CCTV surveillance camera system with a lot of devices or simply don’t want to deal with piecing together a home security system, you can purchase a complete system packaged together as a unit. This option has many benefits as you do not have to worry about compatibility issues, everything you purchased is designed to run together.

2MCCTV offers a wide range of security surveillance camera system products, whether you’re looking for a complete system or individual components, we have an amazing team of highly trained personal to help you with your decision, installation and technical support – give us a call today!

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