Swan septuplet hatching on live camera at turtle creek lane

On May 8th beautiful septuplet swan eggs are about to hatch. Watch a live video stream of those eggs hatching. And read how we were able to live stream 1080p using analog motorized outdoor bullet camera.

With the help of 2mcctv system engineers, a live camera stream have been setup to live view and record the hatching of septuplets swan at turtle creek lane park.


A  2mtechnology TVI HD motorized bullet camera was selected as the best option for such an incredible event. To ensure best picture quality for live view supporting 1080p and make sure camera does not loose focus, having a motorized zoom lens automatically focus due to any light changes or environment effect is was critical.

The camera was connected to a power source and a live streaming device. However since the camera signal output was TVI, a tvi HDMI converter was used to convert the signal from TVI to HDMI. The hdmi output of the converter would be connected to the input of the live streaming device.

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