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Looping Outputs video, 16 Channel LS, Digital Video Recorder, Loopoutsauto Port Forwarding

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The Speco Technologies D16LS is a 16 channel embedded Digital Video Recording system apt for any professional grade security and monitoring system. The 16 channel digital video recorder has looping outputs with the BNC connector. These loopouts enable the camera to send the video feed to a display via a BNC connector and coaxial cable. It supports viewing on most smart devices through dedicated apps and offers easy access and controls for efficient operation.
Feature Packed for Performance
Network and camera discovery is also easy with the free Speco DDNS service for use with dynamic IP addresses. Compatible with MAC® & PC (compatible software included), the DVR provides easy setup and viewing over various personal computer platforms. The DVR is great for retail outlets and ATMs as it comes with POS/ATM support with text overlay and searchable database. Built-in S.M.A.R.T. Technology (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology for HDD) makes it easy to store and index files. Also, a built-in DVD RW drive provides easy backup and replay.
Connectivity and Support at its Best
With dedicated apps for android, blackberry and iPhone, the DVR supports viewing of the camera feeds on various mobile phones. The DVR supports static IP, DHCP, PPPoE and DDNS with simultaneous live view or playback while continuing to record and 2-way audio communication with voice enabled cameras. Additionally, the camera is SecureGuard® compatible. SecureGuard® is an interface by Speco Technologies which allows remote viewing, playback and miscellaneous functions of multiple DVRs and IP cameras.
Ease of Configuration with EZ wizard
The DVR features EZ set-up wizards which are one click wizard/application which guides you to set up essentials of the system in a logical and easy to understand sequence. The wizard includes setting up of date/time, recording method, recording video quality and network.
Stay Vigilant with Digital Deterrent
The digital deterrent feature activates an alarm in case of any tampering with the system. It sends email notification of alarm events along with SNS communication alert via Twitter. Also, it records up to 30 minutes pre-alarm and up to 15 minutes post-alarm events. The DVR offers user access to 10 concurrent users at a time and has 1 VGA, 1 BNC and 1 spot video out.



D16LS 16-CH LS Digital Video Recorder with Looping Outputs Features:


  • 16 channel LS digital video recorder with looping outputs
  • Video Out: 1 VGA, 1 BNC, 1 Spot
  • 8/16 BNC loopouts
  • Auto port forwarding (uPnP) and SSL encryption
  • 2-way audio communication
  • 4 channel audio recording and 1 channel audio playback
  • Built-in DVD RW drive
  • Self-diagnostics with automatic notification including hard disk drive S.M.A.R.T. protocol
  • Free Speco DDNS service for use with dynamic IP addresses
  • MAC® & PC compatible software included
  • POS/ATM support with text overlay and searchable database
  • SNS communication alert via Twitter™
  • Remote monitoring, recording, playback, change system settings and dome camera control via network and/or internet
  • Multiple analytics such as museum search and advanced motion detection
  • Free Central Management System (Speco Central) software allows viewing of multiple DVRs on a PC
  • User Access: up to 10 concurrent users
  • Playback while watching live on same monitor
  • Up to 30 minutes pre-alarm recording
  • Up to 15 minutes post-alarm recording
  • Password to secure installation with configurable user authentication levels
  • Rack mountable (hardware included)
  • SecureGuard® compatible


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