Speco Technologies D8LS


8 Channel LS, Digital Video Recorder, Looping Outputs, Video, Out: 1 VGA 1 BNC 1 Spot, 8/16 BNC Loopouts, Auto Port Forwarding, and SSL Encryption, 2-Way Audio Communication

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The Speco Technologies D8LS is apt for POS and other retail outlets as it features looping outputs along with 8 channel recording. This system has 8/16 BNC loopouts which easily let users connect multiple TV screens with coaxial cable to view the feed along with recording it. It also features a built-in DVD-RW drive for making backups with ease.


System integrations for retail specific needs

The DVR system features various software and hardware add-ons to enhance the overall utility of the system. The 8 channel system also features BNC video outputs to play the video feeds from different cameras simultaneously while recording. It also comes with a MAC/PC support with included software. Also, a built-in DVD drive helps keep backup of the day to day recordings, thus maintaining an archive for future references.


Speedy and easy setup, operation

The system is pre-loaded with an EZ Setup wizard which facilitates step by step and quick system setup. Along with setup, various operational features such as EZ Network for quick set-up on a network, EZ Search to quickly search events from thumbnails, EZ Record and EZ Copy wizards to make day to day monitoring hassle free and less complicated.


Compatibility with different devices

With 1 VGA, 1 BNC, 1 Spot and 8/16 BNC loopouts, connect any TV or surveillance monitor for real-time and archival viewing. A free app by Speco on all smart phone app markets supports viewing on android, apple and blackberry devices. It also features a 2-way audio communication and a free Speco DDNS service for use with dynamic IP addresses.


The system comes ready with POS/ATM support and offers the desirable text overlay and searchable database features. Additionally, SNS communication alert via Twitter™ in event of an alarm, user access for up to 10 concurrent users and SecureGuard® compatibility are incorporated to offer a complete security solution.



D8LS 8 Channel LS Digital Video Recorder with Looping Outputs Features:


  • 8 channel LS digital video recorder with looping outputs
  • Video Out: 1 VGA, 1 BNC, 1 Spot
  • 8/16 BNC loopouts
  • Auto port forwarding (uPnP) and SSL encryption
  • 2-way audio communication
  • 4 channel audio recording and 1 channel audio playback
  • Built-in DVD RW drive
  • Self-diagnostics with automatic notification including hard disk drive S.M.A.R.T. protocol
  • Free Speco DDNS service for use with dynamic IP addresses
  • MAC® & PC compatible software included
  • POS/ATM support with text overlay and searchable database
  • SNS communication alert via Twitter™
  • Remote monitoring, recording, playback, change system settings and dome camera control via network and/or internet
  • Multiple analytics such as museum search and advanced motion detection
  • Free Central Management System (Speco Central) software allows viewing of multiple DVRs on a PC
  • User Access: up to 10 concurrent users
  • Playback while watching live on same monitor
  • Up to 30 minutes pre-alarm recording
  • Up to 15 minutes post-alarm recording
  • Password to secure installation with configurable user authentication levels
  • Rack mountable (hardware included)
  • SecureGuard® compatible


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